Veganuary Ideas


Veganuary is the first month of the year when people are challenged to go vegan for one month. Especially after the overindulging during December, it is a great way to get back in form, improve your health, and at the same time help the animals’ plight and the environment. ==> How can You Help the … Read more

Real Leather vs Vegan Leather

real leather or vegan leather?

Stella McCartney, Jules Kae, Desserto, Fleather, Vaute Couture, John Bartlett, and others all feature beautiful designs that are made of vegan leather. Some companies even use plants (and Fleather uses temple flowers) to make these cruelty-free clothing items. What are the differences between real leather vs vegan leather, how is it made, what about endurance, … Read more

Easy Vegan Dishes

vegan cooking

When I’m in the kitchen I often improvise meals. Making food from scratch can lead to delicious meals, but for some creations we do need recipes. When you think of recipes, you might visualize a long formula of complicated procedures that you’d better not even try ;-), right? There are, however, many easy vegan dishes, … Read more

Healthy Vegan Burgers (Black Bean and Soy Chorizo Pattie Recipe Included)

black bean and soy chorizo patties

Healthy vegan burgers are not an oxymoron. Although there is also some vegan junk food, you can make some healthy homemade burgers that have no cholesterol and can be enjoyed without feeling guilty. What are some examples of healthy vegan burgers? Portobello burgers Lentil burgers Black beans and soy chorizo patties Chickpea burger In reality, … Read more