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Hi everyone, and welcome to my Vegan Sausages So Good site. Being half Belgian, half German, one can hardly blame me for my love of sausages 🙂


My German grandfather used to make his own sausages. I remember standing in his attic – being just a little girl – and staring at the amount of sausages that were strung about. There were so many kinds: bratwurst, frankfurters, pepperoni, liverwurst, and many more. He named them all, but I forgot most of them. My grandfather was proud of his work and he also let me try some, and they were delicious. In that time I was not vegan yet and I had never heard of veganism.

Years later, in my twenties I was faced with animal slaughter and it was the first time that I made the connection to the horrors that were connected to our food. I became a vegetarian. After that, the only right thing for me to do was to be a vegan. I could no longer sponsor such cruelty. When I discovered vegan recipes for sausages, I started cooking, baking, and frying. The taste was delicious, either homemade or store bought. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. Quite on the contrary, I didn’t even miss the sausages I had had in my my childhood. What I had now was so much better, and cruelty-free.



More and more people are taking steps to a more compassionate life. Some are hesitant and feel they are giving up on many things. I thought the same over fifteen years ago. So, I understand. In truth though, you’re not giving up anything. You are gaining: mouthwatering meals, a more compassionate lifestyle, and as a bonus your health even improves drastically. You feel more energetic, and your body starts craving the good stuff.



We all take different paths to a more compassionate lifestyle. Some of us go cold turkey. Others go gradually. Whatever works for you is fine. I would like to share some awesome recipes for homemade sausages and recommend some excellent store bought ones (if cooking is not your thing). I also want to focus on other vegan foods – not just sausages – and the vegan lifestyle. There are so many delicious recipes, wonderful cookbooks, and tips that I’d like to share. I hope that this will help your transition to veganism in some way.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,






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