Are Vegan Men More Attractive?

Why are Vegan Men Considered More Attractive? I said “considered”, I didn’t claim this as an absolute truth, lol. However, now that I got your attention, let’s explore this further, because there are some reasons for this claim.

When you surf on the net you may read this here and there, “vegan men are more attractive.” Well, I noticed it, and it caught my interest. If I see this claim everywhere, then I have to get to the bottom of this, and so, here’s what I found.

Scientists Checked it Out

The attraction turned out not to be based on looks, but rather on other factors.

why are vegan men more attractive

During an experiment in Prague, a group of men was placed on different diets. For the first two weeks they had a meat diet, and during the following two weeks they were fed a plant-based diet. So, in other words, first you had the meat and potato men and after that they were turned into fruit and vegetable men 😉

barbecue vegetable recipes

After every two weeks, women were asked how attractive they found the men’s scent.

These women didn’t know when those men had a vegan or a meat-based diet, but they all said that the guys who had been placed on a meat diet smelled too intense and not so attractive. When the second two weeks were over, the women described the scent of the fruit and vegetable men as pleasant and more attractive.

So, there you have it, here’s one reason. 😉

What about Looks?

In my article Fun Facts about Vegans I mentioned that I explored some vegan dating sites, and that I was blown away by the amount of older men who looked so much younger. So, here’s another reason why vegan men are considered more attractive.

A good example would be Bryan Adams, 80s rocker who has been vegan for over 30 years. He is now in his sixties and he looks great, he has a wonderful, youthful appearance.

rock concert

Sometimes I see these blogs where it is claimed that vegans have saggy skin and therefore look “much older”, because we ingest less collagen. However, there are plenty of plant-based foods that contain vitamins which also contribute to healthy, young skin, and as a vegan you consume them on a regular basis – providing that you eat a healthy, balanced diet.

brown organic sugar

For example, vitamin C is a strong antioxidant and it promotes radiant skin and helps blemishes heal. Green tea is also great for younger skin. There are several vitamins that are good for your skin.

Yeah OK, but isn’t a veggie diet “less manly”? Come on now, real men flip the burger at the barbecue, don’t they? What about the protein for the “manly muscle”?

Stereotypes, but let’s look at this too.


Muscles from Brussels Sprouts?

vegan athlete

Testosterone is manly, right? I mean, this couldn’t get more manly 😉 Well, surprise surprise, a plant-based diet increases levels of testosterone. Vegan men have 13% higher concentration of testosterone. So, the argument of eating a plant-based diet not being “manly” just evaporated into the air. Go, Popeye!

Isn’t a high level of testosterone bad, though? It leads to higher levels of IGF-I, which is a risk factor for cancer. According to a scientific report, however, vegan men have 9% percent lower IGF-I levels than meat eaters. There, one more point for Popeye 😉


vegan starter kitSo, what are you waiting for? Ditch the eggs and bacon and have a delicious smoothie or a yummy tofu breakfast scramble.

Still not sure?

There are many vegan athletes and bodybuilders who have won several competitions. In 2013, Patrick Baboumian was voted the strongest man in the world. He is vegan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also advocates a plant-based diet. The former professional bodybuilder follows a mostly-vegan diet with eggs being the only non-vegan items on his menu.

Remember, gorillas are some incredibly strong animals, pure muscle and strength – they eat plants. 🙂

You Can Eat Plants and Still Look Hot

And these bodybuilders (and the gorilla) takes me to my next point: vegan men are more fit. In another scientific study when BMI of vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters was compared, all were overweight, except for the vegans.


And it’s not like you’ll turn into a scrawny guy when you go on a vegan diet.

These guys here are no bodybuilders: Leonardo di Caprio, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, Joaquin Phoenix,, and Mike Tyson; all of them are vegan. They look hot (in my humble, womanly opinion 😉 ) and there is nothing scrawny about them at all.

Erectile Dysfunction

Still not sure? OK, let’s dig a little deeper. Vegan men have less erectile dysfunction. Well, in case you weren’t convinced yet, we’re tackling this topic too now 😉

do research

Erectile dysfunction is – in most cases – a symptom of heart disease. Men over 40 who experience ED have 50x risk of a cardiac event. ED basically manifests itself because of inflamed, clogged, and/or crippled arteries, which is similar for heart disease.

So, you guessed correctly, men who follow a plant-based diet have a much lower risk of erectile dysfunction and heart disease.

Final Thoughts

Years ago, a plant-based diet was considered “not manly enough”, but fortunately that way of thinking has changed now. You don’t need to be a meat and potato man to conquer your woman; a fruit and vegetable man can gather his woman just as well, and with Erectile Dysfunction out of the way and a more attractive scent, what can she complain about? 😉


Here’s a little poem from me :-).

So, guys,

You want to get a date

Then ditch the dairy right awayvegan starter kit

Instead of popping those mints in your mouth

To hide the smell of the grouse

Or bacon, chops, or steak

Have a Portobello burger and make a clean break

And before you lean in for that kiss

Make sure the meat is amiss


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14 thoughts on “Are Vegan Men More Attractive?”

  1. I absolutely love this article, Christine! As someone who is trying to eat much better these days, I completely agree that vegan men are MUCH more attractive than non-vegan men. I find several things attractive about vegan men: their dedication to taking care of themselves, fit physiques, personal discipline (they have self-control), better scents, higher energy levels, and overall better quality of health. I’m a spry and active chicken, and I want a man who can keep up with me. Haha Great read! God bless you!

  2. Ha, I like this article. It’s very convincing and now I’m seriously thinking about incorporating more vegan foods into my diet. I’d also like to know what sources you get your information from, just so I can read a little more into it.

    Do you have anymore vegan meal recipes or suggestions to start with? New to the whole vegan thing, but after reading this, I want to try some simple ones out if you have any.

  3. I honestly did not know there is such a thing, but like you say science is proving it. Great article. I have looked at your recipes they are fantastic.. Thank you.

  4. Great article, Christine! I do believe that people, and yes also men, will probably look more attractive on a vegan diet. I tried the vegan diet a while ago and found that I looked much fresher and healthier, my skin cleared up and I generelly looked “more wholesome”. A plant-based diet IS better for your health and looks and I 100% agree with your statements. Very interesting article, thank you for sharing. I might just get back on that vegan diet 🙂

    • Hi Drea,

      That’s wonderful! Many people have reported clearer and better skin after they went on a vegan diet. Feel free to check out my website for recipes when you get back on that vegan diet 😉

      Thank you for your comment!

  5. When I read the title of this post I immediately told him it is my opinion Vegan men are more attractive. My explanation for it was because I think they start out more attractive. A more attractive man is more likely to take his own health more seriously. (this in my opinion of course) Including his diet.
    I find it interesting how their scents change based on what diet they are eating.
    And who knew it could decrease the risk of ED.
    I have created a lot of health goals for myself in the last month or so. I am not sure I’ll end up vegan but I definitely am leaning towards vegetarian.
    This was a fun article.

  6. Hi Christine
    Thanks for a great article. I’ve been vegetarian for most of my life though I switched to tolerating fish once or twice a week to make eating with the family less complicated. None of the facts you presented come as any surprise to me. As you say just look at a gorilla. They are estimated to be roughly nine times stronger than man. Which means they could literally pick me up and throw me across a street. I doubt the Governator could even do that. Popeye had the right idea.
    Best regards

  7. Hello and impressive, I like how you have put together this material. It’s very convincing and now I’m seriously considering to incorporate more vegan foods into my diet. I need to know where you find your information so I can learn more about this whole process.

    Do you have anymore vegan meal recipes and suggestions in addition to what you have shared here? I am very new to the whole vegan thing, but after reading this, I want to try some simple ones out if you have any. I just thought to start being friendly to the animals by not eating them. 


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