Vegan Soul Food Cookbooks

soul food

We have looked at many veganized cuisines, such as Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican, Vegan Cooking for Carnivores, the well-known Café Gratitude’s Cookbook, Love is Served, and so on, but soul food has not been lagging behind. On the contrary, there are some seriously amazing vegan soul food cookbooks with mouthwatering recipes. Soul food is cooking with … Read more

Fairytale on Video – Little Red Riding Hood with a Vegan Twist and the Toilet Paper Crisis


In March 2020, I wrote my own version of this well-known fairytale, adding a vegan twist and incorporating the toilet paper crisis, that strange phenomenon that dominated the news and the internet for a long time. There were isles devoid of any toilet paper at local stores, it was eerie. Today I decided to record … Read more