Vegan Heroes – Foundation + a Voice for Veganism

Welcome to my third article about vegan heroes. After my blog posts about film producer and vegan environmentalist James Cameron (remember The Terminator, Titanic, Avatar?), and singer, songwriter, producer, and animal hero Moby, today we are going to check out’s vegan journey. William James Adams Junior, better known as has been vegan for … Read more

Vegan Heroes – Moby – Kindness is Manly

Vegan Heroes - Moby - Kindness is Manly

Little Pine Restaurant is a wonderful vegan restaurant that has won several awards and it is owned by Moby. It recently re-invented itself by hiring star chef Roberto Marin who has been a private chef to many celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elizabeth Taylor, and others. This article is not … Read more

Homemade Vegan Cheese Recipe – Healthy Nacho Cheese – Nut-Free, Soy-Free, and Oil-Free

vegan cheese

Making your own plant-based cheese isn’t that hard, well, depending on the kind of cheese you want to create of course. There are some plant-based cheeses that have elaborate recipes and need days of preparation (like the hard cheeses), but simple creations like nacho cheese don’t take up much time, are easy to make, and … Read more

Best Buy Black Friday Offers – 40% off all Ebook Bundles by Nutriciously!!


Black Friday is here with a great offer from Nutriciously! I have been gushing over their packages in previous posts, and – as you can tell – I’m a big fan of their products 🙂 The A to Vegan, the Vegan Starters Kit includes a complete guide about nutritional needs, portion sizes, food staples, and … Read more