Basic Vegan Shopping List Quiz

Can you go vegan on a budget? Yes, in fact, many plant-based staples are cheap. Fruits and vegetables do not cost much, neither do grains and seeds. I consider quinoa, tofu, soy, tempeh, and seitan also well-priced. If you’re not sure, a basic vegan shopping list quiz will tell you how much you already know. 🙂 (if you want to take the quiz now, please scroll down)

basic vegan shopping list quiz

A plant-based diet does wonders to you, not only to your physique. It is not only nourishment for your body, but also your spirit, which is an extra I discovered when I began my vegan journey.

They don’t always tell you everything when you change your lifestyle. No one gives you a manual when you take a certain course in life, do they? It would be interesting to receive some manuals though. I wonder if they’d really help 😉


“How to move to another country” “how to be vegan and keep your friends” (someone actually wrote a book about that) “how to find a partner and keep him/her (ha! Is there an accurate manual for that? Kidding)

Much of what I know is based on accidents, experiences, mistakes, conversations, cooking experiments, and much research. You cannot learn otherwise, can you? 😉 And one more thing which I accidentally found out was how my vegan diet and lifestyle not only improved my health, but also positively impacted my energy and my spirit.



The latter is something that is hard to explain, but it is a beautiful discovery to make. You begin to see the world differently.

So, let’s start the quiz, and see how prepared you are to make a basic vegan shopping list. Hint, it’s not all soy and tofu. I hardly ever eat that 😉 I do like tofu though, and it is a surprisingly versatile food staple that has received a bad rep, unfortunately, because you have to marinate it to make it tastier (but don’t we do that for many other food staples too?).

For more tips on tofu, check my article here ==> What to do with tofu? You’d be surprised.

vegan challenge

Basic Vegan Shopping List Quiz

Let’s see if you’re a beginner or a pro 🙂 Happy shopping!

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8 thoughts on “Basic Vegan Shopping List Quiz”

  1. You have a very nice website and a content, Wish I can create the same as this which is very captivating to the viewers, mine creation so far are very plain, no social plug ins, because I don’t know yet. I’m so impressed with the way you create it. From the bottom of my heart comments is that you have a fantastic website creation. keep it up.

  2. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here. Being a botanist has helped my vegan journey very well, such that being a vegan is now a life style to me. Over here in my country, the best plant that leaves a great taste in our soup is the punky leaf and that’s my favorite.

    Moreaver, I love the quiz😄!

  3. A good article you have there on ” basic vegan shopping list quiz”.

    I can testify that fruits and vegetables are very healthy to build immune system due to some nutritional content they possess. And it is less expensive too. But most people do not have proper knowledge on how to make it your diet! The do not have proper idea on the list of fruits and vegetables to get. I think the quiz willbe helpful to direct.


  4. Hi Christine,

    This is a highly interactive article to read. Sorry that I only got three correct answers out of 7, and I am rated as a vegan beginner! Haha… Besides the fun part, I have to commit that my family eats tofu a lot.

    Thanks for the low price of soybean in my hometown, my mother often add tofu for lunch and dinner. In the morning, we like to drink soy milk. So, my eating habit is full of tofu, soymilk, or soy sauce, which could be turned into a base of a real vegan eating.

    Not sure whether tofu gets tastier after marinated, but we always eat them almost raw or simply boiled with soy sauce, which tastes good. I recommend you to try it.


    • Hi Matt!

      3 out of 7 is not bad 😉
      I will try your suggestion, I like soy sauce, it’s one of my favorite sauces, so I’m sure it will taste great.

      Thank you for visiting again 🙂


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