Best Vegan Diet Books

best vegan diet book

When you start a new course, you usually get a manual or a users guide. When you sign up for an online platform your inbox fills up with several welcome and tutorial emails. When you go vegan, you get … lots of questions, and no manual that magically drops in your mail box, right?

If you have ever wanted a complete guide to a plant-based diet and/or a vegan lifestyle, then the best vegan diet book I would recommend is the From A to Vegan Guide by Nutriciously.

If you’re looking for information on a vegan life, want to resolve some of your doubts, learn about nutrition, and cook delicious meals, the From A to Vegan Guide has all that included in just one package. They literally have an answer for everything (and I mean that in a good way 😉 ).

You can tell that Lars and Alena (the authors, and the people behind Nutriciously) have experience and that they know what they’re talking about. Reading this book replaces all the research you would have embarked on online.

nutriciously ebook

The Faces Behind Nutriciously

This husband and wife team, Lars and Alena, is based in Germany, and they are both passionate about veganism and health. What first was a hobby grew into a full time business.

Alena loves to write content, create new recipes, and “healthify” many delicious meals. She is the one who coaches you through her courses, emails, and e-books.

Lars manages technical stuff, and he also designs the e-books and freebies. Yes, there are some freebies too, which I will share with you right now 🙂

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Kiss – Keeping it Short and Simple

Years of trial and research have led to beautiful packages that are designed to help any newbie vegan on his or her new plant-based journey.

The From A to Vegan Guide gives you the following:

  • complete guide
  • delicious recipes
  • full meal plan
  • meal formulas (for this, Lars and Alena teamed up with a registered vegan dietitian)
  • restaurant guide
  • cheat sheets

As Lars and Alena state on their website: it is “plant-based knowledge simplified.”

nutriciously meals

Practical Stuff

The restaurant guide will provide you with excellent information. Going out shouldn’t be a concern, because many restaurants will veganize meals for you. In case you find yourself in a restaurant where the chef isn’t sure what to prepare, you can ask him/her to exclude certain ingredients and/or replace them with others. I have done it many times, and if you ask nicely, it is never a problem 🙂

With this guide, you will learn what ingredients to watch out for and how to get veganized meals in any restaurant, whether they are Italian, Asian, Mexican, you name it. There are also several international cuisines that have naturally vegan meals.

vegan restaurant guide

Choose What Fits You Best

The A to Vegan Guide really includes everything you need, but let’s just say that you only want to have a two-week meal plan and recipes. In that case, you can pick a package that suits your needs the most. Nutriciously offers flexibility there, which is something I always value greatly 🙂 .

The Recipe and Meal Plan Bundle includes lots of recipes and even a restaurant guide, frequently asked questions, printables and cheat sheets, weight loss e-book, and more.

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Getting to V, in Conclusion

Although I have been vegan for about 16 years and this starter kit is perfect for newbie vegans, I am tempted to get it for myself. Not only is this great for beginners, but it is also beneficial if you want to lose weight with a healthy diet, learn how to prepare easy and tasty meals, and find lots of great info about nutrition.

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In any case, you can sign up for a free vegan transition course or a free week of vegan bowls, and see how that goes. If you are happy with Lars and Alena’s packages, feel free to leave me a comment. I would love to hear about it. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you for reading!

best vegan diet books


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12 thoughts on “Best Vegan Diet Books”

  1. I must admit that there is no shortage of great vegan dishes. Even long before I thought I would enjoy vegan foods, I would get samples of things my vegan friends were having and would be pleasantly surprised by the amazing flavors and textures. 

    With the right guides and cookbooks, a vegan diet can be full of exciting flavors and foods. Thanks for sharing a good collection — it can be hard to know where to start. Thanks for sharing ideas that should make it easy but without sacrificing any flavor!

    • Hi Aly!

      True, a vegan diet can be full of exciting flavors 🙂 I’m happy you tried out some dishes. 

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Reading the beginning of the article, you wonder where it is going and what will be the offer.  However, as you read further, the article gently guides you to the click icon and directs you to the book regarding Vegan material. As you read thru the click thru, you are exposed to the complete A to Vegan concept. Reading the entire article, keeps you wondering where the offer is. Surprise, when you get to the layout of the book, you finally come to what the article is leading you to. The $47 offer for the vegan package. This is a great blog and one of the best I have seen and gently takes you to the conclusion of what the are really marketing. Education, introduce the benefits, your offer at the last. Cudos!!

  3. Hi Christine,

    I love the way you attached beautiful photos in this article that make the book or vegan food both look attractive. It’s quite nice they also include the list of restaurants in the book besides meal formulas and recipes. For the vegan transition course, I wonder is it from the same people who created the book since the style looks the same on their website and it’s really eye-candy for me.

    If a vegan course could be designed so pretty, I believe people would feel good every time they read the book or surf the useful tips on the website. I love your sharing today.


  4. I’m interested in vegan diet. But, (there is a big but :-)) that what will be the alternative to dairy for me? I have looked into it myself a while ago and the only stuff that I found for alternative to milk was the almond, oat, coconut etc. But only about 2 percent of milk and the rest were the difficult to pronounce chemicals and additives. I believe if you are not consuming the best alternative but instead loading yourself with more additives, then what is the point?

    Please can you shed some light to that?

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Habib,

      That’s a good question. It is true that most nut milks contain a small percentage of nuts, and that is why they have added pea protein. The good thing about pea protein is that it is sustainable and much better than animal-based proteins like casein or whey. The other additives are guar gum, gellan gum, and tapioca starch. Guar gum is pretty common and it is used as a binding and thickening agent. It has a high amount of fiber, so research shows that it could actually be beneficial.
      Gellan gum is also a thickener. No negative effects have been reported from consuming gellan gum. Tapioca is another thickener. Although it has little nutritional value, there is no harm in consuming tapocia starch. This ingredient is also commonly used in puddings and other desserts.

      The only controversial ingredient is carrageenan, which is an additive that is derived from red seaweed. There is some evidence linking it to digestive issues and inflammation, but more studies are needed to find out the extent of the risk. However, not all plant-based milks have carrageenan, so you could just avoid the ones that have that ingredient. Bear in mind that nut milks without carageenan may separate, so before drinking it, give the pack a little shake 😉

      I have been consuming nut milks for years and I have never had any issues.

      Last one: d-alpha-tocopherol … despite the suspicious sounding name, this is just added vitamin E, so you can rest your mind at ease 🙂

      I hope this answers your question. Let me know know if you have any more doubts.

      • Thank you so much for your reply. I found it highly educating and encouraging to move onto the nut milk safely now. I’m dairy intolerant thus been finding alternative milks a few years but not found anything as natural as the dairy milk. I even tried the goats milk, which is better than the cow’s milk and doesn’t give the digestive issues, but I still gets spots with it! 🙁

        Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease. Do you know any best brand nut milk being sold in the UK that you recommend?

        I will highly appreciate it.

        Best wishes

        • Hi Habib,

          I think that Salisbury’s has a plant-based milk version. Are the Alpro, Oatly, and Good Hemp brands also sold in the UK? (I live in Mexico, but I think they are sold in the UK) I have not tried them, but Alpro is a known brand. Silk is another plantbased milk brand, and I read that Califia Farms (a US brand) is also sold in the UK, and that one is carrageenan free. I hope this helps 🙂

  5. Every time I host Summer parties, I always have requests for Vegan dishes. This makes me search the internet for an extensive amount of time looking for the best combination. I’m so glad there is a book that will make the process of cooking healthier Vegan food easier.


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