Best Vegan Meal Plans – Great for Vegan Newbies

As you already know from my previous posts, I am a big fan of Nutriciously. They have some amazing packages that are nutritious, delicious, and teach you everything from A to Vegan. You can, of course, find other wonderful food and recipe package deals online, and I will discuss them in this article as well.

So, let’s dive into some great bundles that will facilitate the start of your vegan journey.

For the best vegan meal plans, we will look at Vegan Changers, Vegan Muscle Diet, and Nutriciously’s Sustainable Weight Loss.

Best Vegan Meal Plans - Great for Vegan Newbies

Vegan Changers

This company has excellent reviews, a high rating, many happy customers, and a low refund rate (two months, unconditional).

Vegan Changers is delivered immediately upon order. It offers different models, which give you the opportunity to select the one that fits you best. You also get immediate access to the members’ area.

This product is great for vegan newbies, since it comes with lots of excellent tips and advice.

Vegan Changers, Pros

  • Everything is well explained.
  • Great price
  • Big discount available (for a limited time)
  • Vegan Changers helps you to achieve your goals in 28 days
  • Risk free
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Includes
    • Delicious recipes
    • Vegan substitution guide
    • 28-meal plan + grocery lists
    • vegan motivation
    • + bonuses!
  • 5 stars from Editor’s Review


Besides the fact that it is only available online (and not offline) I could not find any. As I mentioned in the pros, Vegan Changers received 5 stars from Editor’s Review, and also from Softpedia, and Softtester. Customers are raving about this product and there have been no negative reviews.

Vegan Changers – Get Your Free Smoothie E-Book Here

Vegan Muscle Diet

Can you build muscle on a vegan diet? Absolutely! In fact, many athletes have switched to a vegan diet because of its many health benefits and increased performance. Venus Williams, James Wilks, Fiona Oaks, Carl Lewis, and Lionel Messi are just a few examples of a long list of vegan athletes.

Forget about the stereotype of the weak, skinny vegan or vegetarian. In 2011, Patrick Baboumian won the title of “Germany’s Strongest Man”. In 2015, he beat his own record when he completed the yoke walk with 560 kilos (1,230 pounds). Patrick has been a vegetarian since 2005 and he became vegan in 2011.

vegan pro bodybuilders
vegan pro bodybuilders

Other titles won by Patrick Baboumian are:

  • 2012 European Champion in Powerlifting Class −140 kg division (Source: Wikipedia)
  • 2012 World record beer keg lifting 150.2 kg (331 pounds)
  • 2013 Veg Fest yoke walk, 550.2 kg (1,213 pounds) over 10 m (33 feet) in Toronto

And he holds an impressive list of many more titles.

The Vegan Muscle Diet includes the following:

  • A great variety of recipes
  • The ability to create a personalized meal plan that is based on your current stats and body condition
  • Every meal has a proper amount of proteins, fats, calories, and carbs that suit your personal situation
  • Calories, macros, and meal plans are adjusted to suit your body type
  • Clear instructions

Vegan muscle diet meal plan


  • Suitable for men and women
  • Excellent price
  • Reliable program
  • Increased energy levels
  • A system to help you build a ripped muscle body
  • 30-day no hassle money-back guarantee


  • Only available online (not offline)
  • If you skip a step, you may not get the exact results, so it’s important to remain consistent.

If you’d like to find out more about building muscle on a vegan diet, check out this great bundle.

==> The Vegan Muscle Diet – Brand New Offer for 2020 <==

 Nutriciously’s Sustainable Weight Loss

In previous articles I blogged about Nutriciously’s recipe and e-book packages. Nutriciously was created by husband and wife team Lars and Alena from Germany. Alena is a certified vegan nutritionist and she has designed some amazing and delicious recipes, e-book bundles, and meal plans. All of them have the necessary amount of nutrients.

For more info on Nutriciously Sustainable Weight Loss System, you can read the following article. When you click on this link it will open in a new window, so you don’t lose this page 🙂

nutriciously weight loss plan


Each bundle is focused on different needs and I hope that there is one here that may be a fit for you. By following a vegan diet or lifestyle you are not only taking care of your health and body, but you are also taking care of the environment and people, and animals will thank you for choosing not to eat them.

The vegan movement is rising everywhere. Not only athletes, but also many celebrities are opting for a vegan diet or lifestyle. Veganism is no longer a fad; it is a movement that will benefit everyone.

For lunch I had a banana, and sandwiches with vegan pepperoni and veganaise. Tomorrow I am planning on having vegan shepherd’s pie, and key lime pie for dessert. I’m especially looking forward to dessert 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for reading!

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20 thoughts on “Best Vegan Meal Plans – Great for Vegan Newbies”

  1. This is nice, I mean I am up here reading some very good vegan meals plans for me to use to get really used to having to become a vegan and I think it is very good that you’re able to share with me here the information on how that can work for me. I will definetely try to use this in my dietry  routine.

  2. Hey,

    I’m so pleased I came across this article as my niece is always talking about going vegan (she hasn’t done it yet). So I can show her your article and your site and help her to make that decision final or not. Showing her the benefits of all the different types of meals you can make as a vegan will be so helpful for her. It will make me look good as her uncle too so it could be a win-win.

    Thank you for sharing and I’ll keep you posted if my niece eventually does go vegan or not.

    All the best,


  3. Christine,

    We have read and we love meat and cant help to think that this does sound amazing what these individuals do to keep lean. This is a great way to get back in shape and get the right diet going and this can help with your immune system. By eating the right stuff and water your immune system has to be healthy especially in this crisis. But we may consider trying this vegan food it looks good.
    This can help everyone in the long run for health mind.


  4. It´s awesome to see that veganism is getting more and more popular in all cultures and in all places. I’m must admit, I still don’t have strength to go full-vegan, but I do enjoy vegan and vegetarian meals. That said, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing these vegan meal plans. This saves me a lot of time trying to put them together by myself.

  5. I just became vegan like two months ago and I’m so glad that I found this article. I’m still having a hard time adapting to veganism, but your best vegan meal plans have made it much easier for me! Thanks you so much, and keep up the good work! xoxo!

    • Hi Gorjan!
      Wonderful! Vegan food is so delicious. These packages will be a great help to get you started on your vegan journey, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me here 🙂

  6. LOL, these pictures of bodybuilders always set me off wrong. That’s only because I think they are out of proportion, not because I would diminish their results. Which are impressive!

    I can back you up on the Vegan Changers. Very sympathetic company and a great product. I don’t know the other two (yet), but as you are enthusiastic about them, I will surely check them out.

    I love these driven, small companies more, than those big ones that only want to have vegan products (and do nothing about the rest of their unhealthy food) because they smell money from a new target audience.

    Thanks for the info, Christine. 🙂

    • Hi Hannie,

      Haha, I know, it is impressive what results bodybuilders can achieve, and I think that with these two in the photos it looks beautiful. I wouldn’t do it myself, though 😉 I can be disciplined, but I am not that disciplined 😉
      I’m happy to know that you had a good experience with Vegan Changers. There are so many wonderful reviews about them, and it is great to add one more to it here 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!

  7. Hey Christine,

    Another inspiring and educational article from you. I love to learn new things from your sharings. It’s nice to see that people can maintain muscle even though they go vegan, and they are doing so well. My jaw dropped when I saw the photo of bodybuilders you attached in this article.
    The vegan meal plan seems delicious, and I cannot find big differences from what I eat every day now. I will try to take a closer look, and I am just like you who expect more about snack/dessert…(haha!)


    • Hi Matt,

      I have seen these bodybuilders (from the photos) in videos too, and they are really impressive! You should watch the Game Changers, I think you will like it.
      Lol, we all love desserts, don’t we? I have to have something sweet every day 🙂

  8. Hi could I ask your opinion on the vegan substitutes? Vegan pepperoni, cheese etc? I am having a few doubts that they might not be that beneficial for our health. Especially looking at some of the vegan cheese and its ingredients, sometimes I find some nasty stuff. Because obviously in order to make it look like cheese or pepperoni or whatever, other stuff needs to be added. I am really supportive of vegans and vegetarians or even people trying to reduce consumption of animal products (me). But I am not entirely sure about the health benefits of these substitutes. Could you comment on that?

    • Hi there,

      This is a very good question and important to know. I’ll be happy to answer it 🙂
      Products like vegan pepperoni and store-bought vegan cheeses are not included in the bundles I talk about in this post. All these bundles are focused on health and wellbeing and have absolutely no junk food in them. I just want to make that clear before I start 🙂

      While junk food in general is not good for our health, plant-based junk food is still a lot better than animal based junk food. No data have ever linked vegan junk food to any diseases like animal based junk food. One notable difference between animal based and plant based junk food is that plant based junk food for example has no cholesterol, no or few saturated fats (depending on the brand), and no cancer-causing compounds.

      The ingredients of the Lightlife pepperoni are the following: water, vital wheat gluten, soy protein isolate, evaporated cane syrup, potato starch, less than 2% of baker’s yeast extract, soy protein concentrate, textured wheat gluten, soy sauce, sea salt, spice, garlic powder, natural flavor from plant sources, carrageenan (this one being the only negative ingredient, but there are many plant-based substitutes that do not include carrageenan).

      The vegan cheese I have at home at the moment includes: potato starch, tapioca, pea protein (which is a complete protein) amaranth protein, vegetable oil, sodium alginate, xantham gum, oat fiber, sea salt, retynil palmitate (vitamin A) and calcium. The only negative I see is perhaps calories (which I never pay attention to anyway, but it can be an issue in both vegan and non-vegan diets) and sodium. For more info check this article on Healthline.
      Vegan cheese can be made of potatoes, soy, nuts and seeds, coconut, flour, root vegetables, and aguafaba. Unless you have a tree nut allergy, there aren’t many health issues with that.
      As for gluten, there are also gluten free vegan products.

      As with any diet, you have to balance it. Too much of anything cannot be good, regardless of the diet anyone is following. If you are following a plant-based diet for health reasons, then junk food should be avoided. This is why the bundles I mention in this article will be extremely helpful for anyone who is considering following a vegan diet.

      If you – like I do – follow a vegan lifestyle for the animals, then you are likely to eat vegan junk food as well, because your main motivation is not health but animal welfare. The improved health is, however, a wonderful bonus for which I am grateful.
      I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please let me know.

  9. I do love a good meal plan. Forgive me for my ignorance but what exactly is the defination of veganism? I am gathering from other comments that it is not the same as vegetarian. I love a good meal plan and Nutriciously’s sustainable weight loss looks like a good start for me. I haven’t been able to shed the last baby pounds now and maybe it is time for a change. I am looking foward to learning more about this lifestyle.

    • Hi Cheyenne,

      Vegetarians eat no meat, chicken, or meat from other animals, but they still consume animal products such as eggs and dairy.

      Vegans consume no animals and no animal products. When you follow a vegan diet you avoid all animal products in food, and when you follow a vegan lifestyle you also avoid animal derivatives or sources in clothes, cosmetics, detergents, etc. I hope that this explains it 🙂

      Nutriciously’s sustainable weight loss is a program that includes many mouthwatering and healthy meals and great tips, so you can still indulge in delicious food and lose weight.

  10. As a new vegan there are a lot of things that need to be put into consideration in regards to your diet and the nutrients that your body needs and what not which is why it is most paramount to have a sort of precursory information of just what a vegan diet will encompass and I think that this article achieves that effect. 

  11. This is great! I had no idea that such meal plans existed for vegan diets. I have always wanted to try out a vegan diet to see how my body would respond to it but I was always afraid of not getting all of the nutrients that I should be getting because I’m not eating all the right things. I love that these plans give you all the nutrients you need. Thanks for sharing this

  12. I’ve been looking for some vegan meal plans to add to my diet so this article is timely. Nutriciously looks like a comprehensive virtual vegan platform to get started. They even have courses to guide you through the process. I don’t see the link anywhere, but do they provide any free trial of some sort? 

    Thanks for sharing an interesting resource!


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