Vegan Shopping List – Handy for Christmas


Are we still on for some late Christmas shopping? There is always some late Christmas shopping, isn’t there? Nobody likes it, but the stores are always packed. I usually avoid the stores and malls during those days before Christmas. I have no patience for long lines at the cash register. I often watch that shopping … Read more

Vegan Holiday Roasts and Desserts – Best Ready-Made Meals


It’s Holiday Season, and preparations have begun in many households. In mine not so much yet, but trust me, my mind is spinning with what meal I am going to make and what surprises I am going to come up with for Christmas. It’s the first time that my boyfriend and I will spend Christmas … Read more

Oster Blender – Review – Yes, I’ve Been Using it for a Long Time


The best and most honest reviews are the ones about products we actually use. The Oster Blender is one of them. I’ve had it for years, meaning that it lasts for a long time. That’s always good to know. And I have put it through some heavy use 😉 which I definitely do not recommend, … Read more

Vegan Barbecue Sauce Brands – So Much to Choose From


Summer is coming and so are barbecues. I can hardly imagine a summer without a nice backyard barbecue, inviting friends, family, and neighbors, and enjoying a nice afternoon together. And hurray, inviting vegans is no problem. Like I explained in one of my previous posts,  there are a lot of plant-based options that can be … Read more