Are Vegan Men More Attractive?

why are vegan men more attractive

Why are Vegan Men Considered More Attractive? I said “considered”, I didn’t claim this as an absolute truth, lol. However, now that I got your attention, let’s explore this further, because there are some reasons for this claim. When you surf on the net you may read this here and there, “vegan men are more … Read more Are Vegan Men More Attractive?

Famous Vegan Singers


Following up on my post about vegan celebrities, today we are going to see which singers are vegan. The reason why I include posts about famous vegan singers is because celebrities often fall into sort of a role model for many people, whether they plan to or not. Several celebrities use their status to help … Read more Famous Vegan Singers

Top Vegan Cities – 5 Great Places Around the World – Part 2


What are the best vegan cities in the world? In my previous article, I already mentioned 9 of them, the most noteworthy being Berlin and Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is now considered vegan city nr. 1 in the world. There are more, though, and they are just as great; and they also offer an incredible … Read more Top Vegan Cities – 5 Great Places Around the World – Part 2

What’s Difficult About Being Vegan?

desert island

When someone decides to change their diet or lifestyle, the same questions always arise. How will I do it? Will it work? How will my body react? Where will I get my protein, calcium, etc? The last question is usually asked when someone goes vegan, but in fact that question does not really need to … Read more What’s Difficult About Being Vegan?

Best Vegan Wines


After my previous article on vegan beers, I thought it would be a good idea to venture into wine territory. Who would even think of vegan or non-vegan wine? Isn’t this made from fermented grapes? Then, how do animal products come into this? Many wine producers use animal products during the filter process of the … Read more Best Vegan Wines

Why Did I Become Vegan?


Many people ask me that question, besides the other inquiries as to where I get my protein and calcium. Have you ever seen Gary Yourofsky’s speech? Pretty powerful. If you haven’t heard of him, Gary Yourofsky is a vegan activist, and in this famous speech he addresses the question whether he loved meat. His answer? … Read more Why Did I Become Vegan?

Vegan Celebrities List – 9 Stars Who Chose a Vegan Lifestyle


More and more people are becoming vegan nowadays. More and more are waking up to the health benefits of a plant-based diet, the animal cruelties that form the basis of the Western diet, and the impact the Western diet can have on the environment. Many celebrities are also changing their lifestyles to a more compassionate … Read more Vegan Celebrities List – 9 Stars Who Chose a Vegan Lifestyle

Questions About Veganism


And I’m adding one more article to it 😉 Not to add to the debate, far from that. Lately, I’ve been active on Quora and I noticed that there were many questions about veganism. They kept me busy for one or two hours sometimes, and I thought “Wow, people are really interested”. Of course, there … Read more Questions About Veganism

Portobello Mushroom Topped with Vegan Sausage


The first question that might pop up is probably: “Is making this going to take all day?” No, it is not, don’t worry. While portobello mushroom topped with vegan sausage sounds fancy enough (great to impress your dinner guests, right? 😉 ), the recipe is pretty much down to earth. The ingredients list is short … Read more Portobello Mushroom Topped with Vegan Sausage

10 Fun Facts About Vegans


Well, I could come up with more fun facts, but I think that 10 is more than enough to start with. There are the universally known facts and the ones I discovered myself on my vegan journey. Let me list them here first, and after that I’ll explain. Trust me, I’m sure that some will … Read more 10 Fun Facts About Vegans