Easy Coconut Bliss Balls Recipe (gluten free)

Here comes another amazing recipe from the dynamic duo, Lars and Alena from Nutriciously. These vegan coconut bliss balls taste very much like those delicious Bounty and Raffaello truffles we love so much. I used to eat lots of Bounty bars when I was a child. I loved the combination of chocolate and coconut – and I still do 😉

Treats like these are usually loaded with milk, butter, and milk chocolate. Nutriciously has recreated these delicacies, using healthier and cruelty-free ingredients, providing a rich, decadent taste. Bonus: they are gluten free.

easy coconut bliss balls recipe (gluten free)

I have blogged about Nutriciously before. This is by far my favorite vegan company, run by the husband and wife team, Lars and Alena, from Germany. Alena is a certified vegan nutritionist and she has “healthyfied” many popular and homemade meals, always balancing nutrition and incredible flavors.

Coconut Bliss Balls Recipe

You only need 4 or 5 (if you are using chocolate) ingredients. You can either make them covered in coconut and chocolate or just coconut.

Prep time is 15 minutes. After that, the coconut mixture needs to rest in the fridge for one hour before you can roll and shape your bliss balls.

How to Make Bliss Balls With Chocolate

recipe and photos: courtesy from Nutriciously


  • Coconut milkbliss balls ingredients
  • Shredded coconut
  • Dark chocolate
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Syrup

You can make this without chocolate as well. I would prefer to make a combination of both, with and without chocolate.


bliss balls procedure 1

bliss balls recipe

bliss balls procedure 2

bliss balls recipe

How to Store Coconut Bliss Balls

Place them in a container or on a plate and leave them in the fridge. After an hour they are ready to eat. These bliss balls can be stored in the refrigerator for a week, so you could make a nice, big batch in advance and you’ll have your treats for the week.

Final Thoughts

There are many great recipes for healthy treats, not only bliss balls like the recipe I shared here, but also energy balls of many varieties. I have tasted so many and I love them. They are very easy to make and they are a wonderful combination of healthy and delicious. Treats like those may cause store bought sweets to pale in comparison.

Have you ever tried bliss or energy balls? Do you have your own recipes? Please share in the comments below.

free vegan meal plan nutriciously

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24 thoughts on “Easy Coconut Bliss Balls Recipe (gluten free)”

  1. Oh gosh these coconut balls look so yummy! I always get the coconut ferro ones during the holiday season because it i so yummy but now I can make one myself and that is amazing! No more ingesting all of the bad additives. Now I know what I put in it 🙂 Now I gotta go to the store to get shredded coconut. Thanks for sharing the recipe. 

  2. I love coconut and this recipe looked so good. I was happy the ingredients were simples and few. My nieces and I love baking but it’s nice to have heat free options that don’t require these crazy ingredients. We live in a small rural area and finding those chef specialty items is sometimes impossible out here. The pictures are mouthwatering. I can’t wait to make these.

    • Hi there,

      I understand that it may be hard to find certain ingredients in some small rural areas. Whenever there is something that is hard to come by, I order it online, or when I drive to the city I buy it there.
      You will love these bliss balls, they are just so good 🙂

  3. Hello Christine, it’s really nice to be here and I feel there is so much to be learned from this article and so many people do not know how to eat gluten-free foods and it’s not good at all. This is one nice meal I’ll love to try and seeing its gluten-free makes it more attractive and I would certainly give it a try. 

  4. Being gluten free is a huge bonus. I can’t wait to try these. They look delicious. And the procedure is very simple. One of my favorite things about my new lifestyle is that I still get to eat delicious meals. I have also read good comments about Nutriciously.  Lars and Alena seem to be doing things right.

    • Hi Ann,

      There are many excellent reviews and comments about Nutriciously. They have great packages and freebies, and wonderful recipes. 

      It’s very true that one of the  best things of the vegan lifestyle is that we still get to eat delicious meals. I wholeheartedly agree 🙂 

  5. I adore coconut in all possible variations, be it shredded, flour, milk or oil, ice cream, cake or whatever made with it immediately gets a plus in my eyes. I also used to eat heaps of Bounty in my younger years. Not any more, but I’d still love to. Seeing these pictures, I can almost feel the taste in my mouth. Mmmmm….
    I don’t have any recipe to trade with you for this one, unfortunately. But, since you posted it, I will assume it is intended for public use 😉
    This one not only seems to be delicious, but done in 15 minutes? That simply calls for making them.
    My only worry is whether they will hold together with only Stevia, without a syrup (my husband is diabetic) ?

    • Hi Kerryanne,

      You will enjoy them, and if you were a Bounty fan like I was, then you will appreciate the flavor for sure 🙂
      The amount of syrup that is used in this recipe is for sweetness, so I think that the bliss balls will still hold together if you replace the syrup with stevia. Try it out and use perhaps less liquid than the recipe calls for, so it will balance itself out.

  6. Now, that is a coincidence! Hubby made chocolate balls just at the beginning of this week. Made me want to look for other recipes, and here I have one. And what a delicious one by the looks of it! Thanks, Christine.
    Your hands get very sticky when making the balls. Do you have a tip for that?
    BTW I loved Bounty too, but then the pure chocolate variation. Which was for some reason hardly available to my deepest regret. 🙂

    • Hi Hannie,

      I think I remember the pure chocolate Bounty, that one was pure bliss. I really love the combination of coconut and chocolate.
      It is sometimes difficult to prevent your hands from getting sticky. Oil works sometimes, but then you are indirectly adding more oil to your coco balls. I keep on washing the sticky residue off with soap and water.

  7. Thank you for sharing something like this here. Seriously, it is really good to see this here and understand that there is more to maki g use of coconut. Though I hqv actually not tried this before neither have I seen it before, it makes sense to see and the fact that it adds up well enough to try out and make it at home. Thanks for sharing here

  8. Hi Christine!
    These sound very yummy! I saw the list of ingredients, but didn’t see how much of each ingredient to put in. Could you give the amounts, please? Also, what kind of syrup is used and when do you add it in? I’m always looking for tasty treats and these look like they would be very tasty as I love chocolate and coconut. I believe I have everything on hand, so I see deliciousness coming soon.

    • Hi Lynn,

      In this recipe, rice syrup is used. As for the amounts, they are not indicated on Nutricicously’s page. I would start by keeping a ratio of 1/3 liquid compared to the dry ingredients. I hope that helps …

  9. These look fantastic and seem really easy to make. I am going to make these over the holidays. I would be tempted to use Milk Chocolate and I may just make them about half the size. This is going to be great!! I may even incorporate an almond in the middle!! Oh my gosh this will be good, thank you for the idea!!

  10. Hi, Christine,

    I’m not vegan, but I have a few friends that are hardcore vegans and I have tried some of the things they make. Some of them taste like the things we’re used to eating so there’s no way to know unless we’re told about the ingredients.

    Back to the bliss balls, I haven’t tried them but they sure look delicious and easy to make. I need to start eating healthier and since I have always had a sweet tooth, these would come in handy. Just one question, what could I use to replace the coconut? I’m not a big fan.

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more recipes.

    • Hi Enrique,

      Shredded coconut can be replaced with coarsely ground or chopped nuts. Soy milk is a great substitute for coconut milk and cashew milk is a nice, creamy substitute. I hope that helps. 🙂

  11. I must say this is one of the easiest and healthiest dessert and snack recipe I’ve ever come across. I really like it! And I’m off to the kitchen to start making it!

    Thank you so much for breaking it down into easier steps to follow.

    Best wishes

  12. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for sharing this easy-to-make treat that I can make for myself during the weekend, maybe with some vegan baileys, I think the flavour will match perfectly. I will like to do experiments with different chocolate for a fushion style, vanilla, almond, hazelnut, and lemon. Will invite my parents for a blind taste, hahaha it sounds more fun now.

    Can’t wait to try them as soon as I can, thanks for sharing today!


  13. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe from the dynamic duo, Lars and Alena from Nutriciously. I am a vegan myself and always looking for coconut based recipes. While I have tried many conout recipes mainly in thai curries but never tried a Coconut Bliss ball recipe. I am definitely going to try this. Look very interesting from the pictures. Thanks


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