Fairytale on Video – Little Red Riding Hood with a Vegan Twist and the Toilet Paper Crisis

In March 2020, I wrote my own version of this well-known fairytale, adding a vegan twist and incorporating the toilet paper crisis, that strange phenomenon that dominated the news and the internet for a long time. There were isles devoid of any toilet paper at local stores, it was eerie. Today I decided to record my fairytale on video.

I hope you enjoy me reading the story to you. Not everyone likes to read; sometimes we prefer to hear the story told or to see the person telling it to us. So, here it comes. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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Thank you for watching!

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2 thoughts on “Fairytale on Video – Little Red Riding Hood with a Vegan Twist and the Toilet Paper Crisis”

  1. Wow! How well you have tweaked this story. Also, the visuals too is making a lot of sense. I really fancy what you have done and definitely I am subscribing to your channel this minute so I can get to see more of your work. But honestly, you have done something worthwhile here


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