Famous Vegan Singers

Following up on my post about vegan celebrities, today we are going to see which singers are vegan. The reason why I include posts about famous vegan singers is because celebrities often fall into sort of a role model for many people, whether they plan to or not. Several celebrities use their status to help non-profit organizations and stand up for animal rights.

So, let’s see which ones made the list.

  1. Miley Cyrus
  2. Moby
  3. Morrissey
  4. Alanis Morrissette
  5. Billie Eilish
  6. Tony Kanal (from the band No Doubt)
  7. Will.i.am

A very eclectic line up, from different music eras and different music styles. From rock to pop to electronic and rap, veganism seems to have representatives everywhere 🙂

famous vegan singers

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus went vegan in 2014 and she has made it her mission to make vegan food, lifestyle, and also fashion completely accessible for everyone. She uses clothing, make up, and shoes that are entirely free of animal cruelty (including vegan leather and faux fur) and she aims to make this more attainable in the fashion world.

She also frequently posts on Twitter and Instagram about animal rights, urging her fans to go vegan.


Moby has been vegan since 1987, and he produced the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed and award-winning vegan documentary “Earthlings”. He is an animal rights activist and he often uses his platform to make his followers more aware of animal rights and environmental issues.


He has worked with Jane Goodall and Leonardo di Caprio (both are known activists), and also Joaquin Phoenix, an actor and animal rights activist who recently won an award for his role as The Joker and who also provided the voice over in Earthlings.

When Moby was 19, his dog and cat indirectly inspired him to go vegan. His pets made him realize the reality of meat and the cognitive dissonance to the suffering of some animals, but not to others.

orange cat

Here he mentions “Tucker”, his rescue cat.


He states his “why” for being vegan: “I’m a vegan to reduce climate change, improve human health, end antibiotic resistance and rain forest deforestation, but ultimately I’m a vegan for the animals,” says Moby. “It’s my most deeply held belief; that every animal, human or not, is simply/basically/ineluctably entitled to their own life.”

Personally, I love Moby’s music, and I admire him for his activism and everything he does for animal rights and environmental issues.


Ah, remember The Smiths? That was a long time ago, but Morrissey is still making a name for himself. Is he a vegan, a rebel? Both?

I remember that Smiths music album (LPs, those “ancient round discs” that were used before CDs took over, then became obsolete and now turned into downloadable songs from the internet). It was titled “Meat is Murder” (released in 1983).


Back in the 80s, Morrissey was already a staunch defender of animal rights. As controversial and provocative as the title of that album may sound, The Smiths wanted to convey that animals are no different from humans when it comes to feeling pain, fear, and love.

Morrissey never misses an opportunity to speak up for animal rights.

Alanis Morrissette

Alanis Morrissette was inspired to go vegan by the book “Eat to Live”, when she was looking for a way to lose weight. “You oughtta know” that she has lost 20 pounds, looks great and feels much healthier. She happily reports that all her aches and allergies are also gone. That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?


Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish grew up as a vegetarian. So, she has never eaten meat in her life. Then, in 2014 she decided to go vegan. She based the change on her love for animals and the planet.

“Becoming vegan wasn’t like a huge deal for me because meat was never a thing in my life. It wasn’t like I missed meat– wasn’t like I had something to miss,” Billie says.

Although Billie claims she doesn’t want to force her beliefs down anyone’s throats and she doesn’t believe that this is the way to do things (which I agree with), she occasionally encourages others to live a vegan lifestyle through posts on Instagram.

Tony Kanal

(from the awesome band No Doubt)

bass guitar

The bassist of No Doubt uses his status to help animals, and he has been active for Peta in online auctions and other events. He has also aided in fundraising campaigns for Farm Sanctuary, which is a sanctuary for rescued animals from the meat and dairy industry, for example, calves, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and others.

I receive Farm Sanctuary’s newsletters and get regular updates on their rescues. There are some heartbreaking stories and tales (pun intended) of love and even happily furry after.

Tony doesn’t only give to charities, he is also known to visit the sanctuaries he supports, helping out, and even spending some time with the animals.


In Tony’s words: “I’ve always just loved animals and you just start making the connection between what you’re eating and what happens to these poor animals and once you start making those connections and realizing the truth behind what you’re eating, it just, there wasn’t any other option for me.”

He actively uses Twitter to speak up for animal rights and he strongly opposes Indiana’s “Ag Gag” bill, Sea World, and circuses.

Tony Kanal is a true animal hero.


Will.i.am is not the only vegan rapper. Snoop Dog, KRS-One, Russel Simmons, Grey Matter, DJ Cavem Moetavation, Erykah Badu, AshEL SeaSunZ also went vegan, and there are many more … Drake is vegetarian.


In 2018, Will.i.am experienced a serious health scare and after that he changed his diet to a plant-based one. He said that it changed his life. It helped him lose weight and it improved his sleep.

He is vegan for his health, environmental issues, and for the animals. He has also written lyrics about his vegan lifestyle and he urges his fans to join his “V-Gang” which he describes as a “group of people taking a hardcore gangster approach to wellness and conscious living”

Here are some of the lyrics: “You eat the yellowtail, Imma [sic] eat the plant-based. I ain’t chewing on no food, with two eyes and a face,”

Final Thoughts

The list of vegan singers is much longer, of course, but I just wanted to name a few and explain their reasons for going vegan and how they use their platform for animal rights – if it applies.


Here are some more vegan singers: Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo, ASAP Rocky, Joan Jett, Mýa, Bryan Adams, Germaine Dupri, Gabrielle Aplin, RZA, Jason Mraz, Dawn Richard, Akala, Oliver Sykes, and the list goes on and on 😉

Jay Z and Beyonce are technically not considered vegans, they’re more like plant-based food enthusiasts 😉

Many celebrities go vegan now, for various reasons, health issues, the environment, the animals, … Their voices are a great help for the voiceless.


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  1. Great article, Christine! I have terrible eating habits (step one is admitting that I have a problem. Haha), and have been thinking about going vegan (but the meat and dairy keep calling me. Haha). I’m currently looking up popular vegan dishes, as I want to eat better without sacrificing taste and feeling full (I know that there’s great food to choose from; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look for it). Thank you so much for your diligence in presenting this information to us! God bless you!

    • Hi!

      If you love the taste of meat and cheese, there are some excellent vegan substitutes available. Beyond Meat, for example, has an amazing meaty flavor, and there are many different plant-based cheese brands you could try out. When you get the chance, check out these articles: Vegan meat substitutes and vegan cheese. I hope that helps 🙂
      Have a beautiful day!

  2. You have provided great information in this article. It makes me happy to see famous vegan singers using their fame to promote something positive. I quite enjoy Beyond Meat products and find myself choosing vegan products on a more regular basis (although I have yet to try vegan cheese). Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Michael,

      Beyond Meat products are so delicious. I love them too! It also warms my heart when celebrities use their fame to promote a more compassionate lifestyle. I absolutely agree 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!

  3. Hi Christine,

    I didn’t know that so many rappers had gone vegan and others vegetarian. I didn’t know about Drake. Surely if I would follow him closer I would had known. Mobe’s activism, is on the other hand, something one can not ignore. He has been fighting for this cause a long time. 

    • Hi Paolo,

      Yes, a lot have gone vegan. It’s a great example for their followers 🙂

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. Amazing! I did not know about most of these are vegans. I’m sure and like you said in your post as well that there are many more celebrities that are vegans. Also, I heard that Famous actors don’t tend to consume any dairy at all as being a dairy free helps you keep your spotless, even and less oily. I don’t know how true that is. Can you shed some light to this? I am really fascinated to know this if it is true.

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Habib,

      Dairy is indeed bad for the skin. Some of its components may stimulate oil glands in your skin (because these components are related to the hormone testosterone). I know a girl who had lots of acne, and her doctor advised her to stop consuming dairy. She followed his advice and obtained clear skin. Her acne was gone.

  5. Hi Christine,

    Reading your articles is so much fun, I have to admit. Reading your articles about famous vegan singers, it’s quite nice to know that they are actually doing something good to our environment and protecting the world.

    I might consider reducing my intake of meat and being more like you to make foods for myself. I remembered I read your delicious recipes sharing many times here, so they will be my first targets and expect to read more recipes from you.

    Thanks for sharing, I can see that you are providing good value to me and the world. Keep on the good work. 🙂


    • Hi Matt,

      Thank you for the compliment! I hope to provide good value and I am glad that you tell me this. And good for you for reducing your consumption of meat 🙂
      Have a great day!

  6. Interesting atricle about vegan singers and celebrities. I have always known that veganism is popular with some folks and probably more so with the elite per say. I have personally looked at some of the vegan options in the grocery stores, and I am not a fan of the processes used to make some of those products. Do you tend to eat mostly raw or whole foods versus the prepared meal options or do you do both?

    • Hi,

      I eat both, raw and whole foods and some prepared meal options. I do most of my cooking. I don’t think veganism is per se popular with the elite, over the years it has become very affordable and I find it absolutely inexpensive – I have been a vegan on a teacher’s salary in Mexico (which is not high 😉 ) and I managed fine 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.

  7. I had no idea so many celebrities were vegan. I like some of the reasons they gave for going vegan. The rain forest, antibiotics and the cat. I might give it a try one of these days. Would I have any problems with energy?


    • Hi John,

      You would have absolutely no problem with energy. On the contrary, plant-based food fuels your energy. Many athletes are vegan and thrive on this diet. For example, Lionel Messi is considered the best soccer player in the world, he is vegan. Patrick Bahoumian was voted the strongest man in the world in 2013, he is also vegan. Check out the documentary Game Changers, it will give you more information about that 🙂

  8. Interesting read and new to me. I used to be confused between Vegan and Vegetarian but since, it’s getting famous these days, I somewhat understand the difference between the two.
    I salute people who made choices of changing their diet. With Billy Eilish’s case, she grew up vegetarian so, not to eat meat was not that difficult.

    I haven’t thought veganism nor imagine myself being one. I wonder, would it be expensive to be a vegan? And wouldn’t be required more work just prepare a meal?

    • Hi Mina,

      A lot of people claim that a vegan diet can be expensive, but I honestly do not agree with that. It is true that there are many expensive shelf items, but that is also true for non-vegan items. A vegan diet improves your health and boosts your energy, decreasing your doctor’s visits and use of medications. People have healed from diseases by switching to a vegan diet. So, getting rid of all those meds is the first reason why in the long term a vegan diet is actually not expensive. The second reason is the ingredients. Although some ingredients like cashew and macademia nuts are a little pricey, fruits and vegetables are cheap. I have been vegan on a teacher’s salary in Mexico for many years, and a teacher’s salary in Mexico is quite low 😉

      Regarding meal preparation, it does not require more work. You just change some ingredients, but cooking time is the same as with non-vegan meals. There are many recipes that take only 10 or 20 minutes. Feel free to check out my website for some easy vegan recipes 🙂


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