Homemade Vegan Dessert Treats (Banana Ice Cream & Chocolate Pralines)

What I’m going to share with you today is simply yummy! And easy, and quick. Those are nice little treats for in between, for dessert, comfort food, or when you’re having friends over. The ice cream is the easiest recipe EVER, seriously 😉 and the chocolate praline recipe is also pretty simple.

These are the perfect recipes for any newbie vegan, or anyone who is considering going vegan, wanting to try vegan desserts, or someone who is looking for healthy and delicious treats. Healthy and delicious really do go together, I’ve said that many times. 🙂 And these recipes will show you how.


Raw Vegan Chocolate Pralines

Today we’re venturing into a raw vegan dessert. While I am no raw vegan, I sometimes like to make raw vegan meals, because they often provoke a little taste explosion in the mouth and they give me lots of energy. Raw desserts are my favorite desserts, because of their incredible flavors. So, without further ado, here comes the chocolate recipe.


  • 18 tablespoons of coconut oil (it has to be liquid, not firm. If the coconut oil is firm, heat the jar of coconut oil in hot water or place it in direct sun light)
  • A pinch of salt
  • 3 heaped teaspoons of dark cocoa powder
  • 3 teaspoons of brown sugar (or the way you prefer the sweetness level, 3 teaspoons work well for me)
  • 4 teaspoons of dry coconut shavings
  • You also need a chocolate mold (or you can use an ice tray if you don’t have a mold)



  • Spoon the coconut oil into a small bowl
  • Add the cocoa powder and mix. You will see that the coconut oil blends easily with the cocoa.
  • When the cocoa is mixed with the coconut oil, add the sugar and stir
  • Add a small pinch of salt and the coconut shavings, and stir
  • When everything is mixed well, use a teaspoon to fill a mold with the chocolate mixture. If you don’t have any molds, like I mentioned before, you can use an ice tray. It works just as well 😉
  • Now you can get really creative. You may make plain or filled chocolate pralines. For plain chocolates, fill the ice tray and place it in the refrigerator. Leave it there for an hour, so the mixture can harden.
  • When they are hard, you can pop out the chocolate pralines like ice cubes.


  • Optional: fillings
    • Fill the ice tray blocks halfway with chocolate
    • Place the filling(s) on the chocolate. It could be almonds, pecans, caramelized sesame seeds, a little peanut butter, even a strawberry slice, raspberry, you decide 🙂
    • Spoon the rest of the chocolate over the fillings, and leave in the refrigerator for an hour

When they are hard they are ready to eat. I love chocolates, and these homemade chocolates are absolutely delicious. I make them very often.

vegan chocolates
These chocolates have fillings of caramelized sesame seeds, that’s why you see some of the caramel color peeking out here and there 😉


Homemade Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Before making this recipe, it is important that you cut up some bananas into slices and freeze them. It is best to do that a few hours or perhaps a day before you want to make your ice cream. It is also useful just to have a bunch of frozen banana slices in your freezer anyway, for those days when you spontaneously decide to make ice cream 😉

So, what do we need for this recipe?

frozen bananas


  • 2-3 bananas
  • Optional, to add flavors: cocoa powder, peanut butter, strawberries, raspberries, caramel, or any other flavor you like


  • Take your frozen banana slices out of the freezer and let them defrost a little for around 6-8 minutes.
  • Put the bananas in your blender (I do it little by little, not all at once)
  • Blend – After a while you will see a smooth white cream. This is your ice cream
  • Optional: flavors
    • Add any flavor you like to your blended frozen bananas, and blend a few seconds more. I used cocoa powder and caramel, which was really good. You can get creative here 😉

banana ice creamYou can eat this right away or you could also freeze it and indulge in it any time you feel like scooping up some ice cream 🙂

I hope you like these recipes. These are super easy desserts and yet, they taste divine! 🙂

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36 thoughts on “Homemade Vegan Dessert Treats (Banana Ice Cream & Chocolate Pralines)”

  1. OMG, yum!

    I’m on a low-carb diet right now but I’m almost to my goal so I’ve been thinking of ways to celebrate :).

    The banana treat sounds amazing.  I’d be excited about the chocolate one but I’m not a fan of coconut and the oil has a lot of coconut flavor in it.

    There is something to be said for raw flavors, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for this.  Now I have a craving that, soon, I’ll be able to do something about.


    • Hi Scott, give yourself a treat, a healthy and delicious treat. You deserve it! And it’s so easy to make banana ice cream 🙂

      Not everyone likes coconut. I personally love it, but yes, we all have different tastes 🙂 

  2. Omg, thanks you for sharing these vegan recipes! They look so yummy and I cannot wait to try them out. The banana recipe is super simple and I am sure that I can do it myself at home as well. Have you ever tried the chocolate pudding vegan pie? Basically you mix the soft tofu with chocolate and put it on the pie crust. It is super smooth and creamy and you probably can’t believe that it is vegan.

  3. Yummy. The chocolate pralines sound great and so easy to make. I will definitely will be trying that soon. The Banana Ice Cream looks good as well but sadly I am allergic to bananas. Is there another fruit that would freeze and do good like bananas? I have allergies to melons, strawberry, bananas, and some other fruits. I can make if for those in my family that love bananas. Thank you for sharing your recipe


    • Hi Lisa, I’m not sure what I could replace bananas with for this particular recipe, but I wil look into it and let you know. 🙂 

  4. Although I’m not a vegan, both of the recipes look like they’re worth trying. The chocolate pralines require less time and ingredients than most recipes for homemade chocolates, not to mention being a lot healthier than the ones from the store. The ice cream recipe looks easy and tasty, without being loaded with sugar.

    • Exactly, both recipes are easy and they are healthy too. And you can decide the level of sugar you want in your chocolates 🙂 

  5. Thank you for the recipes, and in particular the Raw Vegan Chocolate Pralines, they look amazing and the recipe looks quite easy. I think I will try it over the holidays with my grand kids. It is always good to have healthy recipes that the kids can handle making and that are healthy for them too. 

     I like all the added flavor ideas that you have as well. That is a good idea then you can make them again with a different variations. 

    The Banana ice cream is also a great idea. I have made that before so not for quite a while so it is a good reminder. As I say, I will have the kids over the holidays with Christmas coming up so no I have some useful ideas for food and activities for them. Cool 

    • Hi Karen, these are indeed great activities for kids. They will have fun with it and get to eat delicious treats 🙂 You can’t go wrong with that, right? 😉 Excellent idea!

  6. Hi Christine,

    These desserts sound delicious. I never knew you could use bananas to make ice cream! I have recently decided to try a vegan diet and there are so many different and conflicting messages out there. 

    You are providing several different ideas that, for a new vegan, are extremely helpful. I took advantage of reading some of your other articles and there are some great tips in these as well. As a cheese lover I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to find any substitutes!!

    I am without doubt going to try both the banana ice cream and the chocolates and I will come back again for the next recipe!

    Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                   Tony 

    • Hi Tony,

      I’m so glad you found this article helpful. And thanks for looking at my other articles! Yes, there are many vegan cheeses available and they are quite tasty. 🙂 I have a few other recipes and tips on my blog, feel free to check any time 🙂 

  7. This is an amazing recipe! My friend is vegan and I think she would love this! I am going to get the ingredients immediately so that I can make this! They are very good step by step recipes that I think even I could not mess this up. Thank you so much for sharing I cannot wait to get started on this.

  8. Hello Christine, I am not a vegetarian, but from seeing the ingredients in this dessert and how cool it is, i now understand why the vegan i know are always looking fresh with a very clean skin to go with. I love the simple process involved at arriving at this dessert and the availability of the recipes used in making it. I am not good at trying new things only own without a proper lesson or video, but I will try making this one only own. Nice being here .

    • Hi Benson. Good point about videos. I was thinking of finding someone to film me while making a meal or dessert. I hope to start using videos soon 🙂

  9. I am glad all these ingredients are easily available. The Raw Vegan Chocolate Pralines procedure sounds easy to implement. I like how I can be creative with the pralines. I have a few ideas on how I want them to turn out.The fillings are already leaving me salivating. I can imagine how the raspberry will blend with the chocolate. I can’t wait to try these recipes. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Carol,

      I just love the combination of fruit with chocolate, it’s so good! I also like a raspberry filling 🙂 and I’ve also used small pineapple pieces. Delicious!

  10. Thanks for sharing this amazing and helpful article, these vegan home made treats are very nice and will be very appealing to the mouth, especially the Raw Vegan Chocolate Pralines, I love it, thanks for sharing the ingredients and the quantity expected to make it with, it’s be my guide. This is a nice one about vegan desert, it’ll help new vegans and even those looking forward to be in future enjoy more of it. Thanks.

  11. Hello Christine,

    When reading this article the first thing I did was checking whether I have all the ingredients and I am happy to say that I really do have everything at home right now. So maybe I can give it a try. I am not a vegan myself. But I love almost anything related to chocolates. I think I will go with plain chocolate pralines first. Could you please tell me how many servings of banana ice cream can be made from 2-3 bananas?

  12. Yummy, I love and our whole family love bananas and chocolate so I think it will be a big hit in our home. Both treats look very simple to make. I think I will try it over the holidays and will be added to our Christmas baking list. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I’m really attracted to your Homemade Banana Ice Cream! Maybe I can ask my wife to make one this evening. It will make a good dessert and the kids will surely love it. They’re not only delicious, but they are also nutritious, plenty of Potassium which is needed for proper utilization of energy by our body.

    By the way, I’d like to ask, since these are vegetarian recipes, can we deviate just a little by adding milky cream? You know, those cream-in-can sold by milk producers? Or, should we go strictly vegetarian by avoiding anything that’s dairy or from cows?

    • I wouldn’t use any dairy products. I use coconut whipped cream for ice cream or other desserts, but it’s really up to you.

  14. Wow, having a delicious desert is one of the problems Vegas’s have, thanks to you and your articles always making things easy for them in various ways. Making these deserts won’t be a bad idea anyways and I think I can use some of the guidelines to find my way around some, they have simple procedures and the ingredients are very easy to get. Thanks for sharing, it’s helpful.

  15. I Totally agree with you when it comes to eating you have to go for whay males you real happy once in a while and yesterday I was just thinking when I went to grab ice creams with some friends how that thing is simply refreshing on a hot day like it was. I don’t think I have ever tried raw vegan chocolate pralines before and making some would be a good way to pass time whilst learning such stuff that will spice up my life one day when I’m less busy and the began banana ice cream I tried it about a month ago even though I didn’t know how it was really made I think I had an idea. Thank you these are the little things which matter in making a bright day.

  16. Nice to know that you can make homemade vegan desserts that easily. You just need to know how and you can do it. I happen to like both chocolate and bananas, so these recipes will be a real treat for me. You know, I never thought about vegan desserts or even desserts being vegan. Now that I come to think of it, of course yogurt is not vegan or anything with milk for that matter. Just shows you that you become like an automatic sometimes, taking everything for granted. Thanks for this wake-up call.

    • Hi Jerry,

      Guess what, there’s also vegan yogurt 🙂 and it’s really good! I’m happy you like the recipes. Enjoy your desserts!

  17. Hi Christine,

    Thank you for sharing so great recipe, they look so delicious especially for someone who likes chocolate like me. The banana Ice cream looks delicious and easy to prepare I will definitely try it. Does the banana have to be fresh or I can use a frozen one? 

    Thank you again for so yummy recipe.

    • Hi Santy,

      For the ice cream recipe the bananas have to be frozen. Add them in the blender while they are frozen, and they come out creamy 🙂

  18. Hi Christine. My wife and I are only just learning about the Vegan lifestyle. So far we haven’t really tasted any recipes tat we would consider delicious or exciting. The two recipes that you have listed on your blog might just be enticing enough. We both happen to love chocolate, icecream and banana’s. You can be sure that we will try out your recipes and come back for more . Thank you. Jim

    • HI Jim,

      The chocolates taste divine! And I love the ice cream. 

      If you’d like to try more recipes, maybe you could check out these vegan cookbooks, they have great recipes, such as mac and cheese, and other delicious meals. I wrote a review in this article about vegan cookbooks for beginners


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