How to Pick the Right Vegan Sausage (Vegan Sausage Brands)

Where to start? There are so many brands out there. I have had several, but there are many I haven’t even tried yet (I’m getting there 😉 ) Whether you’re having a barbecue and you want to invite vegan friends over, or you’re preparing dinner, making a quick snack or a box lunch for school or the office, the advantage of cooking sausages and burgers is that it’s easy and quick. You just throw them on the grill or let them sizzle in the pan, and they’re ready.

As with most products, however, some are a little better than others, and some are not. For vegan and non-vegan products there are always some that stand out and others that stand a little lower. So, having been raised in a country that sells a lot of sausages 😉 and having a grandfather who produced his own sausages up in his attic, I will share my thoughts on the most popular vegan sausage brands.

Don’t worry, I will not overwhelm you with the incredible amount of products that are available out there, but I will give you a clear overview of some of the best brands that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

So, which ones will I talk about?

Sausage and Burger Brands

  • Beyond Meat, beyond Sausage
  • Loma Linda Big Franksbeyond-sausage
  • Loma Linda Linketts
  • Morningstar Farms
    • Sausage links
    • Sausage patties
  • Tofurkey
    • Italian style sausages
    • Beer brats
    • Kielbasa
    • Spinach pesto
    • Andouille
  • Field Roast
    • Smoked apple sage
    • Italian
    • Mexican chipotle
    • Apple maple
    • Frankfurters
  • Lightlife Smart Sausages

My thoughts?

I’ll start with the ones I have personally tried, and there are several, Tofurkey, Field Roast, Morningstar Farms, and Lightlife.

  • Tofurkey
    • Beer brats are my absolute favorites! They are incredibly tasty. I have used them for lunch, dinner, and box lunch. One creation I especially loved was frying the brats and heating tortillas on the side. When the brats were ready, I cut them in half, placed them on the tortillas, added vegan mozzarella cheese, and doubled the tortilla over the sausage and cheese like a quesadilla. I heated it until the cheese melted, and I had myself a mouthwatering and filling treat.
    • The others are also great. I like them all. Kielbasa and Italian are my second favorite. Andouille is also great, and I have used the spinach pesto sausages for pasta dishes and also as a filling for vegan cannelloni (that was so good)

  • Field Roast
    • I am not crazy about apple sage or apple maple sausages, but that must be my Belgian-German heritage 😉 I tried and liked them, but I prefer other sausages. I really enjoyed the Mexican chipotle and Italian sausages. Very tasty. The Mexican Chipotle had some tang to it, but it was not too spicy, just perfect.

  • Morningstar Farms
    • The sausage links are great for breakfast and hot dogs. You can make a nice breakfast with Morningstar Farms links, add beans, raw (or fried) sliced tomatoes, toast, and a cup of steaming hot coffee or tea.

  • Lightlife
    • I use these to make hot dogs or I chop them up in small pieces and add them to beans, rice, or anything else I feel like making. They are very good and have this awesome frankfurter taste.


I Would Love to Try These

  • Beyond Meat
    • Beyond Meat is a brand that has received accolades of praise, and I definitely want to add this one to my kitchen staples. Vegan and vegetarian friends of mine have also told me how great they are. One of my non-vegan friends had a Beyond Meat burger a few weeks ago and she was blown away by the flavor. She said that it tasted just like meat.
    • Out of 24 reviews on Amazon, Beyond Meat Beyond Sausages gets a whopping 4,5 stars. Enough said 🙂
  • Loma Linda
    • Loma Linda has a lot of variety and it is in the top 100 sold vegan products on Amazon
      • Sausage links, big franks, chorizo, sloppy joe, prime stakes, taco filling, fried chik´n, burgers, and the list goes on.
      • Loma Linda is worth checking out. It looks tasty and has this grandmotherly homemade feel to it when you see the packaging. The fact that it is in the Amazon top 100 is definitely a good sign too. Who better to tell you than Amazon? 😉


How? When? Where? What?

From this long list, what should you pick? It depends on your preferences. If you can’t decide, then do like me and stuff your freezer with a few of them 😉 But honestly, I would love to get more Tofurkey beer brats, and I am pretty sure that I am going to love the Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage (and Beyond Burger too for that matter). There is so much to choose from.

A good place to buy any of those products would be on the brand’s company website and also on Amazon.


The best of this is that these sausages are not filled with all the unhealthy stuff that is crammed into the meat sausages. Discovering what goes into meat sausages is often shocking and – in my opinion – disgusting. When I was a teenager, I went on a school trip to a sausage factory in Germany. Germany has awesome sausages, they are famous for it (besides the beer, lol) After seeing how they were made and what went in there, this sausage-loving girl declined the free samples that were offered at the end of the tour, believe me.

Vegan sausages do not contain any dodgy ingredients that could be bad for your health, they are guilt free to eat, and they do not come from extreme cruelty. I agree that vegan junk food should be consumed within limits, but it is for sure much safer to eat than junk food made from animal fats, intestines, synthetic materials, … ok, I’m going to shut up now 😉 No more talk about what goes into sausages, lol.

If you have any questions about recipes or suggestions for these sausage brands I mentioned; if you have tried any of these, or if you know of any other great vegan sausage brands, please let me know in the comments. I’m always happy to hear from you.


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12 thoughts on “How to Pick the Right Vegan Sausage (Vegan Sausage Brands)”

  1. Yummy! I ‘m hungry now while typing this comment. Lol. I am always skipping Morning Star everytime I go to the frozen section of the supermarket because I am not sure whether it’s good or bad. But feom the looks of it in your review, they can be a great morning plate star after all. I will definitely try one. Thank you for this hunger inducing post. Keep up and all the best Christine!

  2. Great article! I was curious about the Mexican Chipotle Field Roast, so I was happy to see you write about it. You got me curious about the MorningStar Farms sausages, so I’ll be sure to give those a try. Thanks for all of these recommendations

  3. Very interesting choice there. I am quite curious to try one or two of those and see which one’s have a “meaty” taste to them!. The Spanish side of me is dying to try out vegan Chorizo!.

    • There are some great vegan chorizos. I live in Mexico, and local stores offer delicious and spicy soy chorizo. With your Spanish heritage, you’ll probably know which ones are good 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!

  4. An interesting topic as I love sausages and the vegan alternative is quite tasty and enjoyable. Many would not know as there can be a little stigma against vegan food.
    Beyond meat beyond sausages certainly has an engaging ring to it, whilst the morningstar farms option looked yum post cooking.

  5. I am not Vegan as I said before in your previous great posts! But I am interested in Vegan food as they are FOOD! and surprisingly they are yummy too, I wish people give it a chance and start eating Vegan food.
    I already tried a “Cheap” Vegan Sausage brand here in Germany, and I loved it, it tastes super great and I started to eat it more often. I am not sure if I can find these brands you talking about in Germany but you opened my eyes about this, I will search more about such Vegan Sausage brands and try them.

    However, you sure made me drool when I started to read about the Tofurkey brand! I want to try and eat it right now!

    Thank you again, it is another great article. Well, anything related to food is great but yours is special and new because it’s not related to meat or chicken! Trying new recipes and new types of food just like an adventure, it can be a bad experience or good experience but in the end, you will get some good results and find some great things.

    Thank you again!

    • Hi Mohammad, I used to live in Germany and I am sure that the vegan sausages they have there must be great. If a country knows how to make sausages, it’s definitely Germany, right? 😉
      Tofurkey is also a good brand, and so is Field Roast. I hope you can find them there.


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