Hungry Vegan – What to Eat?

Hamburger? Sausages? Soy chorizo? burger

Today I am one hungry vegan … I am sitting here, taking online courses and loving them, enjoying them so much that I ignore my hunger. You see, I like learning. You’re never too old to learn and I am always happy to find out more about the things I love or things I didn’t know anything about. Since this blog is about food, especially sausages, I will not write about my online courses or anything else I embarked on. Let’s just stick to food. But must we? I am so hungry right now …

Perhaps my hunger will wane as I write this down. You know, just like with cooking. When I’m hungry and I am cooking, my hunger disappears, because I am busy chopping, frying, cooking, and most of all, tasting 🙂

Any Cooking Today?

No, unless it is quick and takes less than five minutes, but I am not even home right now. I am in Pescadero, a quaint little town in the Southern Baja, Mexico, and home is a twenty-minute drive away. Not that much, but by the time I get there I will be famished and in no mood to prepare a meal.  Well, there is always the option of home delivery, which is so comfortable and easy. Just set the table, wait for the door bell to ring, et voilá! crashing-waves-lovers-beach

What to Eat?

So, I am in a small town … where do I go to get something to eat? All establishments promote meat. But not to worry. There’s this great little restaurant in Todos Santos where everything is made fresh, and they have the best vegan hamburger. Or how about a cheeseburger? Yummy. The portions are big and leave me full for the rest of the day. Then there are the sushi bars. Sushi doesn’t take long to make, and if a vegan version is not offered, then just veganize a vegetarian one. Most sushi places here in the Baja offer vegetarian sushi. So, just ask for one without the Philadelphia cheese. Some chefs are even so nice to replace the cheese with something else, for example mango (so good).


Tacos are also a good option. Tacos allow for a lot of creativity. There is so much to choose from:

  • mushroom tacos
  • huitlacoche (can you pronounce that?) – a type of mushroom that the Aztecs used to eat. Mouthwatering good!
  • potato and soy chorizo tacos
  • nopal (Mexican edible cactus)  burrito-veggie
  • soy piccadillo
  • hibiscus tacos (try them, they are surprisingly tasty)

Isn’t This Blog About Sausages?

Yes, it is, but come on, I do not eat sausages every day. I do love other foods too. Speaking of sausages and tacos though, here’s a great idea. Have you ever tried a vegan sausage-cheese quesadilla? I got the idea from Belgium, because I used to buy sausage and cheese rolls when I lived there over twenty years ago. So, one day I bought vegan grated mozzarella and beer brats. I fried the brats, heated the tortillas, added the vegan cheese, laid one sausage on each, closed the tortillas, and heated them until the cheese melted.


The first time I had that, it was finger licking good. Every time I got my hands on those beer brats, I made those brat-cheese quesadillas. OMG, so yummy.

And then, for an easy dessert that doesn’t require any more time in the kitchen, how about some lovely organic dessert tea? I am a big tea drinker. Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai, Rooibos, I love it all. There’s nothing like a nice cup of tea after a good meal, right? Accompanied by a vegan, and even gluten-free (yes, I didn’t forget about that) treat. Heaven! cupcakes

Go Fill Your Tummy

All this talk about food has made me hungrier. I got to go now. I do hope that this post may still give you ideas for those moments when´re overcome by hunger and there is no time to hurry home or cook. Vegan food can be had anywhere, and meals can be veganized in restaurants and bars. Nothing is impossible. And everything is delicious. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Hungry Vegan – What to Eat?”

  1. Hi. Sounds so good. I am not a Vegan, but I am trying to incorporate veggies on my diet. I have tried eating some veggies meat like, and it’s delicious, though at first, you won’t like it as compared to the regular meat food.

    • Hi Raquel, that’s great ?
      There are so many options available now. Some brands are better than others. Gardein, Lightlife, and Morningstar are among my favorites. Tofurkey also has good meat substitutes.


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