Are Vegan Men More Attractive?

why are vegan men more attractive

Why are Vegan Men Considered More Attractive? I said “considered”, I didn’t claim this as an absolute truth, lol. However, now that I got your attention, let’s explore this further, because there are some reasons for this claim. When you surf on the net you may read this here and there, “vegan men are more … Read more

Vegan Feta Cheese Brand – Follow Your Heart Feta Crumbles

follow your heart feta cheese

Follow Your Heart is not a dating site, although it is a good name for that. It’s actually a wonderful vegan food company and they have released many tasty products, like veganaise in original and other flavors. Recently, Follow Your Heart released a brand-new product, vegan feta crumbles. So, on top of sour cream, Parmesan, … Read more

Vegan Quiz (Stuffed Tomato Recipe Included)

stuffed tomatoes

So, how much do you know about vegan food? Are you ready to get quizzed about plant-based protein and calcium sources, and on vitamin B12? Ready to find out where to get your vegan iron sources? Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge. Find out if you’re a little cherry tomato (beginner), an elegant … Read more

Do Vegans and Vegetarians Have an Iron Deficiency?

dark chocolate - iron source

Do vegans and vegetarians have an iron deficiency? I get that question a lot. I also overhear people sometimes claim that we actually do have that deficiency. I wanted to get to the bottom of this and see how close to or far from the truth they are. Protein is not a problem, neither is … Read more

Barbecue Vegetable Recipes

grilled corn

Whenever the word “barbecue” is mentioned, it seems to be an event that might make it difficult to invite a vegan friend to, but barbecue vegetable recipes are easy to make and there are so many options, that in the end you may find yourself gravitating towards the plant-based grilled delicacies. There are so many … Read more