Vegan Quiz (Stuffed Tomato Recipe Included)

stuffed tomatoes

So, how much do you know about vegan food? Are you ready to get quizzed about plant-based protein and calcium sources, and on vitamin B12? Ready to find out where to get your vegan iron sources? Take this fun quiz and test your knowledge. Find out if you’re a little cherry tomato (beginner), an elegant … Read more Vegan Quiz (Stuffed Tomato Recipe Included)

Vegan Avocado Soup – Easy Recipe for Cold Avocado Spinach Soup


It’s May, and temperatures are rising. Summer is approaching. May is my favorite month of the year, because the weather is just so great, everything is beautiful, and well, yes, there’s a selfish reason too, it’s my birthday month 😉 Some mornings still feel a little chilly, but during the day it is pretty warm … Read more Vegan Avocado Soup – Easy Recipe for Cold Avocado Spinach Soup

Vegan Veggie Wraps – Recipe Included

veggie wraps

Shopping is different now, lots of things are different now. Being stuck at home is not how we used to live, but it can bring us certain advantages too. Our dogs and cats are over the moon to have us home all the time. Mine certainly are, they’re just so happy I’m always around. Some … Read more Vegan Veggie Wraps – Recipe Included

Three Little Pigs With a Twist

three little pigs

If you’ve read my previous fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, who knows what I’ll do with Three Little Pigs? I love to write, and I enjoy combining my writing with my website’s niche and current issues. What’s happening in the world right now is worrisome, and sometimes I just want to switch of … Read more Three Little Pigs With a Twist

Vegan Pizza Recipe


Pizza has always been a favorite. Who doesn’t love pizza? I especially love the thin crust. The best pizza I have ever had was on a visit to Rome, Italy. Very thin crust, simple and few ingredients, yet so incredibly delicious. Many people always ask, “what do you eat?” when someone goes vegan, but the … Read more Vegan Pizza Recipe

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes – Vegan Decadence at Its Best


How about Triple Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes? Combining the rich flavors of chocolate and creamy, nutty coconut to create divine, to-die-for, delicious cupcakes, and the best is that the recipe is pretty easy. Before we start, I’d like to share a few fun facts about this popular dessert. Did you know that …? Cupcakes have been … Read more Triple Chocolate Cupcakes – Vegan Decadence at Its Best

Vegan Stuffed Peppers – No Oven Needed


Why no oven? Very simple, my oven stopped working a while ago, and I have not been able to replace it. I love baking, and I especially love chiles rellenos, also known as stuffed peppers. So, I was wondering how to make stuffed peppers without using the oven, and I came up with a new … Read more Vegan Stuffed Peppers – No Oven Needed

Different Ways to Cook Beans (Recipes Included)


Beans are very versatile and a wonderful accompaniment to have in the kitchen. There are so many things you can do with them, so many different ways to cook beans. Before I moved to Mexico, I never knew what to do with beans, besides just heating them from a can. In Mexico, I truly started … Read more Different Ways to Cook Beans (Recipes Included)

Easy Vegan Christmas Recipes


It’s time for another Christmas blog. T’is the season, after all. In my last article I wrote about ready-made Christmas meals and now I am going to share with you some nice recipes that are just perfect for this time of year. These creations, however, are not mine; this time I decided to do some … Read more Easy Vegan Christmas Recipes

Cauliflower Rice (Easy Recipes)


Cauliflower is the flower of veggies, or perhaps it can be called a healthier rice (it’s made of a vegetable after all 😉 ). Compared to boiling rice, which takes around 20 minutes, making cauliflower rice actually takes less time. I usually don’t eat much rice, unless it’s jasmine or basmati rice, so cauliflower rice … Read more Cauliflower Rice (Easy Recipes)