Do Vegans and Vegetarians Have an Iron Deficiency?

dark chocolate - iron source

Do vegans and vegetarians have an iron deficiency? I get that question a lot. I also overhear people sometimes claim that we actually do have that deficiency. I wanted to get to the bottom of this and see how close to or far from the truth they are. Protein is not a problem, neither is … Read more

Released Today! Love is Served – Cafe Gratitude’s New Vegan Cookbook


Love is Served, a cookbook by L.A. based Café Gratitude, couldn’t have come at a better time. Well, I know that it’s not the best time for us right now. We are staying home, going mad with boredom perhaps, doing our best to stay busy, and perhaps some of us are also looking for ways … Read more

Vegan Documentaries on Netflix

The Best Vegan Shows to See on Netflix Right Now

Netflix has some great movies, series, and also documentaries. There is a whole plethora of documentaries, and Netflix features some very good ones that explain a lot of questions you may have about veganism. For example, athletes building muscle on a vegan diet? Check The relationship between food, a global health crisis, and big pharma? … Read more