Vegan Avocado Soup – Easy Recipe for Cold Avocado Spinach Soup


It’s May, and temperatures are rising. Summer is approaching. May is my favorite month of the year, because the weather is just so great, everything is beautiful, and well, yes, there’s a selfish reason too, it’s my birthday month 😉 Some mornings still feel a little chilly, but during the day it is pretty warm … Read more

Cold Soups – Summer Recipes (And They Take Less Than 5 Minutes to Make)


It’s midsummer and temperatures are rising. I think it’s about time we lower the temperatures of our food, and what could be better than cold soups? They are refreshing, full of rich flavors, healthy, and filling (and a good way to sneak your kids those vegetables they do not always want to eat 😉 ) … Read more