Top Vegan Cities – 5 Great Places Around the World – Part 2


What are the best vegan cities in the world? In my previous article, I already mentioned 9 of them, the most noteworthy being Berlin and Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is now considered vegan city nr. 1 in the world. There are more, though, and they are just as great; and they also offer an incredible … Read more

9 Top Vegan Cities


Tel Aviv in Israel has officially been declared the top vegan capital of the world. Before that, it used to be the German capital, Berlin, with around 80,000 vegans among three million inhabitants, which is a big ratio. So, what are other top vegan cities in the world? There are many cool places that are … Read more

Stay Cool – You’re Dating a Vegan – (tips included)


So, you’re dating a vegan. You never saw that coming, did you? And now, where are you supposed to take her? How will you cook for her? Before you hit the panic buttons, relax and breathe. Hey, you’re dating a vegan. Excellent! You know what that means? It means that the woman/man you like or … Read more

Vegan Restaurants in Los Cabos – And They’re Amazing


As promised, here comes my article about vegan restaurants in Los Cabos. I’ve done my research, munched on some burgers, pizzas, pies, and downed a few smoothies, and I came to the conclusion that I need to go out more 😉 . There is some really good food here in Cabo, my goodness. Last weekend … Read more