Vegan Natural Sweeteners

brown organic sugar

The vegan natural sweetener market has expanded considerably over the last decade. They provide a much healthier alternative to refined, white sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and – in my opinion – many of them also taste much better than the refined sugars. White sugar is a big no for vegans, since it contains … Read more Vegan Natural Sweeteners

How to Go Vegan And Stay Vegan


Are you thinking of going vegan this year? Perhaps you want to eat healthier, or you don’t want to consume products that come from animal cruelty. Especially now, we all want to stay healthy, right? To prevent diseases, we must nourish our bodies, and a plant-based diet is ideal for that. How can you stay … Read more How to Go Vegan And Stay Vegan

Vegan Liquor -Share the News on the Booze


Hello again! So, after exploring vegan wines and beers, a trip down the booze lane is up. Only yesterday, I went to the store to buy some groceries, and I thought of getting a nice bottle of wine for the weekend. I checked on barnivore to see if it was vegan friendly, and yes, it … Read more Vegan Liquor -Share the News on the Booze

Best Vegan Wines


After my previous article on vegan beers, I thought it would be a good idea to venture into wine territory. Who would even think of vegan or non-vegan wine? Isn’t this made from fermented grapes? Then, how do animal products come into this? Many wine producers use animal products during the filter process of the … Read more Best Vegan Wines