Top Vegan Cities – 5 Great Places Around the World – Part 2

What are the best vegan cities in the world? In my previous article, I already mentioned 9 of them, the most noteworthy being Berlin and Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is now considered vegan city nr. 1 in the world.

There are more, though, and they are just as great; and they also offer an incredible amount of plant-based options. What’s even better, they are spread all over the world, so if you are thinking of making some city trips – once the lockdown is over – here’s a list of some beautiful places.

We’ll start with Europe, then we move over to Africa, and after that we will go to Asia. In my next article we will explore more vegan cities (a few more in) Asia, then North America, and finally in Central America; we’ll end up making a nice trip around the globe. 🙂


Krakow, Poland

When I was in Poland I did not go to Krakow. I stayed in Warsaw, which is also a wonderful city with a lot of history. The Polish countryside is green and beautiful, and I would love to go back for another trip. I was also very much impressed with local homemade vodkas that were offered in restaurants, but that is another story. 😉

In Krakow, you can find several vegan restaurants.

For example:

Veganic Restaurant offers breakfast, all-you-can-eat, and late night food. Ideal when you are feeling hungry after a night on the town.

veganic in krakow poland

Farma Vegan Burgers is not a sit-in restaurant, but they offer take away and delivery.

Then there is the Bhajan Café Indian Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant. Indian food is among my favorite, and it has such a great variety of flavors and spices. Sampling Indian dishes is always a delight.

Vegano Café has vegan, raw, and western cuisine + a bakery and a juice bar.

Vegab is a Middle Eastern place that offers fast food and take out. The plant based kebab – made of tofu – comes in many flavors. They also offer hot dogs, gluten-free cakes, and smoothies.

Vege To Tu Krakow

Vege To Tu offers Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Moroccan food. In 2016 this started out as a food truck and only a year later they opened their own restaurant.

Pod Norenami is Asian cuisine with faux meats, Chines, Japanese, and Thai.

Of course, there has to be Italian food, and Cocina Verde offers vegan pizza, calzonettes, juices, and desserts. Moreover, it is also children – and animal- friendly.

These are some of the noteworthy vegan restaurants in Krakow. There are more, but with this you already have a nice list of options, and Poland is truly worth a visit.

Turin, Italy

Turin is a big city in the North of Italy and mostly known for its business center and manufacturing, art galleries, churches, opera houses, palaces, piazzas, museums, and so on. It is, however, also a thriving place for vegans, thanks to Turin’s mayor Chiara Appendino who in 2017 decided to make this city more vegan friendly.

Although this northern Piedmont city is famed for its meat and dairy it now plays host to a plethora of vegan cafés and restaurants, which attract even more visitors.

The first vegan restaurant in Turin was Mezzaluna, established in 1994, and situated in a charming, historical building. It offers a fancy a la carte as well as a casual deli service. Famous Piedmont dishes have been veganized, including Turin’s local dish Bagna Couda. The traditional recipe includes anchovies, butter, and garlic, but Mezzaluna’s chef has achieved a fishy flavor with a type of sea vegetable.


Mezzaluna also has a grocery store that is stocked with vegan items. Oh, I should have lived in Turin in the 90s …

Next on this list is the Gorilla Bar which offers vegan falafels, tapas, burgers, and desserts.

Flower Burger offers burgers in many flavors, made of either chickpea, tofu, seitan, lentils + vegan cheese and their trademark secret “magick” sauce.

vegan flower burger

Coox presents traditional Italian cuisine, including Piedmont’s typical dishes.

And there are so many more vegan places in Turin, too many to list. When you visit this city one day, allow yourself to explore its many vegan culinary delicacies.

Cape Town, South Africa

One day I would love to visit South Africa. Cape Town is just one of the many places I want to see there. Today’s article, however, is focusing on Cape Town.

Lekker Vegan Kloof offers a great variety of burgers and fast food with original sauces and their apple crumble pie. “The best vegan junk food in Africa” as is proudly proclaimed. I sure would love to try it out. It looks delicious!

vegan lekker kloof

Green and Vegan Pop Up Dining presents various meals and even gluten free bread. Wonderful meals, such as chickpea tuna and mouthwatering desserts make this definitely a place to visit.

green vegan

Addis in Cape, Ethiopian Restaurant delivers a cultural dining experience with Ethiopian dishes in a woven basket table and eaten by hand.

vegan map capetown

Rhythm Full On is a vegan, self-catering cottage in the town of McGregor. McGregor is at 130 km from Cape Town, but if you’re planning a tour around the cape, then Rhythm Full On will be a great place to stay.

And once more, there are many more delightful vegan restaurants you can try out in Cape Town.

Bristol UK

I lived in London for four years, and I traveled to several places in the UK, but I have not been to Bristol. I still want to go back to the UK one day and visit more places there.

The UK also hosts the VegFest UK which is a huge festival that is held annually in cities such as London, Bristol, and Brighton. Although I have not included Brighton in this or my previous list, it is also a vegan friendly city. I may talk about that one in a future blog post.

Some excellent vegan restaurants in Bristol are the following:

The Spotless Leopard, great for office lunches and take out. Specialties are Reuben sandwich and the vegan macaroni cheese with smoky “bacon” bits. This restaurant has also won numerous awards.

the spotless leopard

Café Kino is a cool place to hang out. Their menu is entirely vegan and offers delicacies such as hand-cut rosemary scented chips and burgers with their own vegan mayonnaise.

Koocha and VX are also amazing places to visit. Koocha has a big variety of meat substitutes, for example seitan kebab, falafel burger, Persian mezze plates, and there are also yummy desserts such as raspberry cheesecake.

VX‘s menu has Mac ‘n Cheese toastie with pulled “pork”, “chicken nuggets”, kebab “meat” – they’re all meat substitutes. Burgers, nachos, burritos are also on the menu; and they even sell vegan groceries.

Hong Kong

Now, we’re off to Asia, first stop Hong Kong.

vegan hong kong veggie sf

Veggie SF, with a picturesque 1950s American theme and decor, serves a large choice of international vegetarian and vegan food.

Sangheeta Vegetarian Restaurant serves Indian food. It’s casual, good for kids and groups.

vegan hong kong sangheeta

Pure Veggie House offers modern, vegetarian Asian cuisine in a casual environment.

Kind Kitchen by Green Common has hundreds of four and five star reviews on Google and it has also several quality awards. Their top dishes are Beyond Pizza Delight, 5-Spice OmniPork Chop, golden rice, Crispy OmniPork Curry, Teriyaki KO-RO-KE, Unlimeat Satay Vermicelli, Beyond Beef Steak with vegan red wine sauce, and Good Pho You. Aren’t you salivating yet? 😉

kind kitchen green common

If I ever go to Hong Kong, Kind Kitchen is one place I will definitely visit!

Final Thoughts

I think that it is wonderful to have all these options available. Being a vegan nowadays is so much easier than it used to be and having those cities around makes traveling also a lot simpler. Even if you happen to find yourself in a non-vegan environment, options are always there. You just ask the chef or the waiter to replace or remove certain ingredients in meals, and they will be happy to accommodate you.

at a restaurant

I am not done with my list yet, but I did not want to make this post too long, so I will blog about the rest of the vegan cities in another blog. If you want to read about more vegan places, please check my previous post as well.

==> click here to read my article on 9 Top Vegan Cities <==

As soon as we are allowed to travel again, I will check back on this list and the previous one I made. I would like to visit Berlin, Tel Aviv, Portland, Kyoto, Cape Town, and San José.

Which cities are enticing to you? Have you been to any of these places? Please let me know your thoughts and/or experiences.

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16 thoughts on “Top Vegan Cities – 5 Great Places Around the World – Part 2”

  1. Great, now I am not only hungry, I am craving a tour around the world. This is great information, although I am not vegan, I would love to become one, I will follow your blog for tips and information because I understand that we need to change the way we eat, it has been just hard because I have been eating aninal products for 30+ years.

  2. I didn’t know there were so many places where you could get vegan food. It makes it a lot easier for Muslims. You can’t barge in at places and demand halal meat, but eating vegan is more practical. I would like to go to Cape Town; eating vegan junk food is something to lookout. Also, in Hong Kong, the Indian restaurant that serves vegan Indian food, I love Indian food. I am getting excited just thinking about it. 

    • Hi Tuma,

      I also love Indian food, it is so full of rich flavors! I am glad that vegan restaurants provide a nice alternative for you. 

      Have a great day!

  3. I’m not much of a traveler, but you hit upon a few of the places I’d be interested in visiting. If I ever make it there, I’m now armed with some great food information.

    I’m not a vegan, but I am shifting my diet towards less meat/more veggies, and am looking for ways to “spice” up my non-meat choices. It looks like I’ve found a great source of information on just that topic!

    …but I’m not giving up meat. 😉

    • Hi Steve,

      I am glad that you found this post useful! These cities are some great places to visit, I’m also interested in traveling to some of them 🙂
      Good for you that you are including less meat in your diet!

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. Hi Christine,

    Among all the vegan restaurants you recommended in this article, I got caught by Lekker Vegan Kloof in Cape Town. “The best vegan junk food in Africa” – this slogan is so catchy that everyone will love to sit down & have a bite at the tables for all the vegan junk food. Although I am not vegan, I am willing to dine there.

    In my city, there are more and more vegan restaurants popping out in recent years. I believe being vegan is a sustainable lifestyle, and it’s also good for the environment and leaves a better place to live for the next generation. Can’t wait for your recommendations in Asia:-)

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Matt!

      I would love to visit the Lekker Vegan Kloof in Cape Town. The slogan is indeed catchy and the food looks delicious!
      I will publish a new article soon and share info about some vegan cities in Asia as well.

  5. This is a wonderful article. Even though it is difficult now to travel due to the recent outbreak and problems all over the world, it is still amazing to plan for one. To be honest, I never knew there are cities popular with their vegan restaurant in general. What surprised me the most is Berlin mentioned as the 2nd best city after Tel Aviv. I live in Germany, and being a vegan or vegetarian is an important thing here for many people. My closest friends one is vegan, and the other is vegetarian, and they are always searching for amazing areas to visit, which serve vegan food! They gonna love this post.

    Also, I am planning to visit Italy with my uncle after our life back to normal. I will make sure to visit Turin, Italy, and check the restaurants there! I love trying new dishes and experience new things in my life.

    I enjoyed reading your post, as always! Thank you.

    • Hi Mohammad,

      Hopefully soon, we can start travelling again. I would love to visit Turin too, and one day I plan to go to Berlin 🙂
      Thank you for visiting my blog again 🙂
      Have a great day!

  6. This is really interesting. I’ve been dying to try some vegan junk food. It looks amazing. In Portugal veganism has risen 300% in the last 10 years. There are more and more vegan restaurants popping up but I have yet to find a good junk food place. Looks like I need to add south Africa to my bucket list. Great info here though, I’ll definitely take your list when I visit any of these places. Maybe after you’ve finish your list you could make a pdf or something that I could download and keep on my phone for future travels. Thanks for this post, gonna be very helpful when we are allowed to roam again.

    • Hi Debbie,

      I have always wanted to visit Portugal too, and now that I know how veganism has risen there, I want to go even more 😉 The junk food place in South Africa looks so good, and it is also on my bucket list. I definitely need to try that one.
      I like your suggestion about the PDF. After I publish my final article about vegan cities, I will definitely make the list available on a PDF. Thank you for the suggestions!

  7. It’s wonderful to know there are so many cities around the world that are vegan friendly, even our Bristol UK too. Which I did not know before because I am not vegan myself, so never looked into it too much. However I do have a clear interest in vegan food. Next time when I am travelling to Bristol, I shall visit those lovely restaurants you’ve mentioned in your post.

    Many Thanks for another fantastic post.

    All the best


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