5 Top Vegan Cities, part 3

Following up on my previous posts about top vegan cities, part 1 and part 2, today we are heading to Asia. The list is, fortunately, endless, and I could write even more posts about these cities, and I probably will ;-). Perhaps, at some point I may create a PDF that features all articles, so that you can have an overview of all vegan cities that I covered. I will let you know when that is done.


5 Top Vegan Cities, part 3

This beautiful island has a large range of vegan restaurants. Veganburg is one that definitely stands out. With a franchise in not only Singapore but also in San Francisco, it has risen in popularity and it has won a ton of awards and recognitions. Veganburg was the world’s first plant-based burger joint, founded in 2010.

Their mission, as stated on their website is to “inspire and excite the world to choose a plant-based diet as a means of planet-restoration.”

With burgers such as these, how can you say no? 🙂


Genesis Vegan Restaurant serves “fish head” vermicelli and “chicken” rice. Asian and Western dishes are part of the menu, including hot and cold desserts, featuring a delicious vegan cheesecake.

singapore genesis

The Loving Hut features vegan versions of traditional dishes such as nyonya laksa, orh nee, and many others. Customers have left excellent reviews on their Facebook page

singapore loving hut

Other outstanding restaurants are NomVnom, Fil A Pita, and HotCakes. NomVnom is a fast food joint that offers a wide selection of incredible burgers, including a Meatless Mexican and a QQ Cheezy with homemade cashew nut cream cheese. I would say, nom nom! 😉


Fil A Pita brings you great Middle Eastern food. HotCakes is a vegan/vegetarian cafe that, according to Time Out Magazine prepares the” best pancakes in Singapore you can have at any time of day”.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I have never visited Thailand, but I have seen many photos and I know people who have been there, and everyone tells me the same thing: it is so beautiful! I hope that I can go one day.


Taste from Heaven has a large menu that offers traditional as well as western dishes, and some delicious desserts. Some dishes are gluten-free. You can also order homemade curry pastes to take home with you.

Free Bird’s Cafe offers mouthwatering pancakes, stuffed toasts, cheesecake and more delicacies. Their menu also includes a gluten-free pancake. 🙂

Chiang Mai Vegetarian Society offer traditional Thai foods and they are known for their all-you-can-eat buffets. Meals are either vegetarian or vegan.

Thailand veg restaurant

Customer reviews speak very highly of them, commending the excellent food and the low prices.

Makati, Philippines

Makati is the country’s financial hub, located in the Philippines Metro Manila region and famous for its skyscrapers, shopping malls, and the Ayala Triangle Gardens. It is also a haven for vegans.

Let’s explore some of its vegan restaurants.

Greenery kitchen Makati Philippines

Greenery Kitchen serves traditional meals such as bopis, pares, adobo, pinoy dishes, alloo matar, and also banana loaf bread and delicious desserts. The a la carte menu features some international dishes as well, so there is a wide choice of yummy vegan meals available.

Greenery kitchen Makati Philippines

Green Bar serves many different dishes, for example, vegan roast beef sandwiches, popcorn “chicken” tacos, seitan burritos, vegan grilled cheese, seitan Philly “cheese steak”, Banh Mi sandwich, donuts and desserts.

The Kismet Cafe offers sandwiches, burritos, pancakes, fruit shakes, smoothies, and coffee made from Philippine grown Mount Atok coffee beans.

kismet cafe

The Corner Tree Cafe has been around for over ten years, and they have recently opened a second branch. Their meals are vegetarian, but they also offer some vegan and gluten-free food. Their menu features delicacies from Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and the Americas. They also have weekly specials which are inspired by current events or international days.

Customer reviews speak highly of the food, setting, and service, as you can see in the screenshot below.

corner cafe makati

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a popular destination and I would love to visit one day. Friends and acquaintances who have been there always tell me to go; and, well, the photos speak for themselves 🙂 . Known for its yoga and meditation retreats, and visited by many health fanatics, it probably comes at no surprise that Bali features a wide range of vegan restaurants.

Seeds of Life is a healthy, organic, and raw restaurant. Their organic produce is grown on the side of an active volcano, picked on the day they order and delivered the next day, thus always ensuring the utmost freshness of ingredients.

seeds of life - Bali

Not only do they provide an ample menu of mouthwatering meals (have you ever had a raw vegan cake? It’s so delicious!), but they also offer the following courses: raw food chef certification and fasting and detox training.

Sayuri Healing Food offers delightful “cheese” platters and other healthy meals like “BLT” sandwiches, patties, impossible-to-resist cheesecakes, and more.

sayuri vegan cheese
Vegan cheese

A “healthy” BLT sandwich, you might wonder? If it has no processed piglet’s meat and it’s made from raw vegan ingredients, you can bet that it’s healthy. Moreover, raw ingredients provide much flavor, which will often reduce the need for spices and herbs, creating delectable delicacies.

Although I am not a raw vegan, I have tried and also prepared some raw vegan meals, and every creation I ate felt like an explosion of flavors in my mouth. It is incredibly delicious.

sayuri healing food

Vegan food is still so unknown, highly underestimated, and still considered “unpalatable” when it is in fact the exact opposite. Writing about these restaurants, I am even taking notes for myself. I want to visit these places, I definitely want to visit Seeds of Life and take the raw vegan chef certification. There, I’ve said it, there’s no turning back now 😉 It’s on my bucket list 🙂

Earth Cafe and Market Ubud prepares many vegan options, for example nasi goreng, sate seitan ikan, burgers (all meat free), seitan satay, quinoa coconut curry, pizza, pumpkin seed balls, choc balls, and so much more …

sari organik
Sari Organik

Sari Organik gives the feeling of being in an oasis, the perfect place to unwind. Its location is a little off the beaten path, but as many customers reported in their reviews, it is well worth the walk. The restaurant offers a wide variety of meals, fresh dishes, raw Thai soup and vegan crêpes with soy ricotta cheese.

earth cafe and market
Earth Cafe and Market

Shanghai, China

Yes, vegan restaurants are on the rise in Shanghai.

Super Vegan is located inside a food mall and it is a popular spot. Dishes like black pepper “beef”, sweet and sour veggie “pork”, tangerine-braised “beef”, hot and spicy vegan “fish”, dumplings, and many other meals have customers come back for more. They offer a lot of faux meats, but there are also many veggie dishes on the menu.

super vegan

Gong De Lin also offers a wide variety of mock meats. There you can enjoy meat-free dishes such as mapo tofu, greens (in the photo below you can see that the meal is more than the name conveys 😉 ), eggplant casserole, and more.

gong di lin

Final Thoughts

I would have liked to include more restaurants in this review, but several that I researched were closed. I am guessing that this is due to COVID-19 … I was glad to find the other restaurants that are still open to the public, offering take out during these times of the pandemic.

Nowadays, it is important to help our local businesses, so that they remain open and survive these times; and concerning the restaurants I mentioned in this article, that is – of course – if you happen to live there. 😉

singapore loving hut
Singapore, the Loving Hut

It is wonderful that there are so many vegan cities around the world now. It makes traveling a lot easier and at the same time it displays a beautiful message that compassion for our own health, for the planet, and for animals is rising.

Besides, vegan food is amazing! If you have not tried it out yet, you’re missing out 🙂 Funny, isn’t it? That’s what my non vegan friends used to tell me when I first became vegan. Whenever we went to a restaurant some would say “oh, that burger, man, you’re missing out”. It always surprised me to hear that because I never felt like I was missing out on anything. On the contrary, it felt as if I had gained a world of delicious options, and it still feels like that, with every single meal I make. 🙂

Thank you for reading! Let’s hope that we can travel soon. Stay safe and stay healthy!



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  1. Hi there, I am not really into any diet at the moment but I’m a big fan of the vegan diet following the various importance I have read about this diet online and I find it really amazing. I have tried some other diets which are great actually, but you really want to try the vegan diet as well. I really haven’t been to any of these cities as I have learned in this article but I really do hope to visit some day.

  2. Thank you so much for this delicious article, Christine! I am definitely trying to eat better these days (I admittedly am not a vegan or vegetarian yet…I haven’t yet been able to let go of that pesky meat. I’m getting there, though. Haha), and I love the fact that there are so many yummy dishes that don’t include any meat products, but don’t sacrifice flavor, taste, or enjoyment/fulfillment either. The vegan cheesecake and fish dumplings sound absolutely delightful! Two of my friends have visited the Kismet Cafe (both through Study Abroad programs), and they absolutely LOVE it-they can’t get enough of the burritos and fruit smoothies (one of my friends wants to marry the Tapsilog burrito. Hahahahaha). I definitely want to go there one day and try it out for myself! Great read! God bless you!

    • That’s so great that two of your friends have been to the Kismet Cafe! 🙂 It’s always wonderful to hear testimonials, even if it includes a marriage proposal to the Tapsilog burrito, lol.
      Hopefully soon we can travel again safely. I also would love to visit some of these places.

  3. Ahhh, I want to travel again when I read your descriptions and see the pictures, Christine. Mouthwatering 🙂
    I haven’t found a vegan restaurant in my area yet, but I discovered one of my Spanish neighbors is very into zero-waste and vegan food. She already told me of one restaurant in a town at 50 km from here. And she will know more. But I am hardly leaving the house for obvious reasons. My time to investigate will come later. 🙂

    • 50 kilometers is a little bit of a distance, and it’s better to stay home now with everything that’s going on … you’re very right about that. Our time to research and travel will indeed come later. 😉
      Thank you for your comment!

  4. What a lovely article Christine you have put together with so many different lovely dishes I am a vegetarian myself that has no eggs, meat, or fish in my diet but I do love the vegan food as well.
    You have put together so many lovely dishes fro different cities that I definitely want to check out some of them that I have haven’t seen before, so thanks very much for sharing blessings.

    Tommy 🙂

    • Hi Tommy,

      I also want to check out some of these places, those dishes look indeed mouthwatering good! 🙂
      One day we will go there 🙂
      Thank you for visiting my page!

  5. Hey again,

    Wow, I can’t believe this is part 3 already. I enjoyed reading the previous one. As much as I love Berlin and Tal Aviv as famous cities for vegans, this list is just fantastic too! That makes me want to travel even more now!

    Before I write about this, I want to say that it is unfair to put such mouth-watering photos for the burgers! Also, I never actually tried Thai food, and I would love to try these restaurants.

    But, what caught my eyes more is the one in China called super vegan with those dishes (black pepper “beef,” sweet and sour veggie “pork,” tangerine-braised “beef”) what do they use as an alternative to meat? I am curious to know more as they look so delicious on the photos, and I want to search for the recipes.

    Overall another amazing list of cities that I want to visit, and it is really amazing to know these restaurants so I can try them when I visit them!!

    Thank you as always!

    • Hi Mohammad,

      Those burgers look divine, don’t they? 😉 I would love to try them too!
      Seitan is used as a meat alternative. It is soft in texture and can provide a meaty texture and flavor. Seitan is delicious and it has often fooled nonvegans who thought they were actually eating meat 😉
      Some of these cities are definitely on my bucket list now, that list keeps growing and growing 😉
      Thank you for your comment!

  6. I’m not so surprised that there are this many vegan restaurants that are available in Asia. I see them as very big lovers of eating vegetables and there are a whole host of diets available to them there as well which I consider to be a very cool thing. I like how the different restaurants here have some really nice cuisines in the vegan diet. I’m sure these restaurants will be pouring with customers.

    •  Judging by the reviews, it looked indeed like they had a lot of customers. Now, in times of covid, it is probably less, but I am glad that the restaurants I mentioned in this article are still open.

      Thank you for your comment!

  7. Hi Christine,

    I’ve been to Thailand many times, and it’s indeed a great place to visit. People are friendly, Thai food is delicious, and the living cost is relatively cheaper, which makes it always on the top of a famous tourist country.

    By sharing, I found that there are vegan restaurants in Chiang Mai(my next destination). So, I will take note and visit it.

    As for Bali island, I’ve been there too, but I didn’t know I could try vegan food when I visited back in 2012. Especially, the impossible-to-resist cheesecakes. I kind of feel hungry now, haha…


  8. I too would love to visit Bali one day as well as Shanghai. There are much more awareness about the health benefits of certain diets/foods among people nowadays thus they choose to the foods that fit their health needs.

    Vegan and gluten free are some of the top choices people are making including myself. I believe the vegan restaurants will be in the cities all over the world in the coming few years, which is a fantastic news.

    I am grateful to know about some top notch vegan restaurants in the world.

    Thanks for the sharing


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