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Netflix has some great movies, series, and also documentaries. There is a whole plethora of documentaries, and Netflix features some very good ones that explain a lot of questions you may have about veganism.

For example, athletes building muscle on a vegan diet? Check

The relationship between food, a global health crisis, and big pharma? Check

Animal agriculture and the effect on the environment? Yes, check mark too

Orcas kept in captivity, and animal rights? Check

The consumption of a wholefood, plant-based diet to reverse or prevent several chronic diseases? Yes, that too.

Personally, I love Netflix, I’m often watching some series there and the occasional movie, but the documentaries are well worth mentioning, especially if you are interested in learning more about any of the previously mentioned topics.

The Game Changers – Muscles on Brussels Sprouts?

Well, perhaps not Brussels sprouts, but you get the idea, building muscle on a plant-based diet. There are, in fact, many athletes who thrive on vegan diets, to name just a few: Venus Williams, Patrick Baboumian, Torre Washington, Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero, Derrick Morgan, David Carter, Colin Kaepernick, Wesley Woodyard, Griff Whalen, Fabian Delph, Jermaine Defoe, Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan, and there are many more …

Like I explained in my article about plant-based protein, protein is found in many plants, and you do not need to consume an animal to obtain said protein. Plant protein is actually better, for it lowers the risks of heart disease, and it may increase your sexual performance (hm, that last one sounds pretty convincing to me 😉 Eat your vegetables, man!)

In The Game Changers, James Wilks – ex UFC fighter and martial arts expert – explores the truth about meat, protein, and strength, revealing the power of a plant-based diet. This documentary is very interesting, you’ll be intrigued.

Cowspiracy – the Sustainability Secret

I saw Cowspiracy only two years ago. I watched it with my students in class, upon their request. They often asked me about veganism, and I am always happy to answer any questions they have. (They have already graduated) When they ask me to watch certain documentaries, I am happy to comply, after I get the school’s and parents’s permission. Cowspiracy was a great documentary, an eye-opener.

This documentary is about animal agriculture which is scientifically proven to be a leading cause of water pollution, deforestation, species extinction, and a lot more issues our world is facing today.

Filmmaker Kip Andersen goes on a quest to find out why environmental organizations still do not do enough to prevent all this, and he tries to talk to representatives of these organizations, discovering the real reasons why everyone is refusing to address this. The truth is shocking, and then again, not that surprising if you think about it.

Cowspiracy is highly recommended.

Forks over Knives

This is another good one.

Forks over Knives is very educational and informative. It talks about the effects of processed foods on our bodies and it encourages eating a wholesome plant-based diet. This documentary features physician Caldwell Esselstyn and nutritional biochemistry professor T. Colin Campbell who explain how certain diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease can be avoided by consuming a plant-based diet, avoiding processed foods and animal-based food products.

You can also find out more info on Forks over Knives website and they even offer a cookbook with lots of healthy and delicious recipes.


Does Sea World ring a bell? And do you remember Tilikum, the orca who was responsible for the deaths of three people, including two trainers? Blackfish follows his journey and it focuses on the consequences of keeping orcas in captivity. This documentary shows interviews with former killer whale trainers and Non-Human Rights Project Director of Science Lori Marino.

Capturing whales and separating them from their natural habitat and their species causes stress and bad health to the whales, as is shown in this film. Tilikum’s attack on the trainers is also included.

Blackfish is not easy to watch, but it is a must see for anyone who is interested in animal rights.

Got Your Netflix Subscription?

With these four documentaries, you will get information about different aspects that relate to veganism and/or a plant-based diet. All four are very good and very informative, they are all worth watching. In a previous post about vegan celebrities I also mentioned Joaquin Phoenix who narrated the documentary Earthlings. That documentary explores our use of animals for food, clothing, pets, entertainments, and science.

Earthlings is the hardest documentary I have ever watched, but don’t let that scare you. If you are an animal lover or you care about animal rights, then you should watch it, but don’t watch it alone, and be prepared to use a lot of tissues …

Accompanied by a soundtrack that was created by Moby and in the presence of Joaquin’s compassionate voice, this film looks at pet stores, puppy mills, slaughterhouses, and other businesses that use animals, revealing the truth with graphic footage.

This list I shared with you today is very short. There are many many more vegan documentaries available, and they are just as good, but I wanted to focus on these four for now. I think that an overload of information is not always that helpful, but if you are interested in finding out more, I will be happy to share more documentaries with you in another post. Please let me know in the comments 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Vegan Documentaries on Netflix”

  1. I am not a vegetarian, I eat meat, I do not joke with it but it’s best I begin to learn about these things now because who knows, as I grow older with age I might actually stop eating red meat and probably have more vegan diets. I have vegetarians as friends though and they would really benefit from this article and appreciate it too. I would love to know how to make a vegan sausage because I actually think I will enjoy it. I’ll do some more research and read more about it to know how. What will improve or change in my health and body if I become a vegetarian though? 

    • Hello! 

      I have a great recipe for homemade vegan sausages here on my website. Would you like to try it out? They are very good 🙂

      When you change to a vegan diet, you will feel positive changes in your body, you will feel more energetic and your immune system will also be stronger. The health benefits are a huge bonus when you switch to a plant-based diet. 

  2. Thanks Christine for these great reviews about vegan documentaries on Netflix I learn so much about Protein and these documentaries are a must watch on my Netflix  once i subscribe.  I love to know about black fish . I will share with my mom your review to learn these recipes and Food tips 

  3. I remember, last night I overheard my brother who has spent years working in New Zealand’s pastures praising our senators here in the Philippines in front of my father who’s about to convert our rice fields into a cattle grazing ground, my brother praised our government’s leaning towards conversion of farmlands into ranches to replace rice with burgers. I’d like to watch this Cowspiracy as I am against that move.

    • Hi Gomer, 

      It is sad that your father wants to convert your rice fields into cattle grazing ground. Those rice fields probably have a long history, don’t they? So much land is converted into cattle farm land now without a thought of the consequences … Cowspiracy addresses this issue, it is definitely worth watching. Maybe you could show your brother and your father this documentary? 

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. “How can u get as strong without eating any meat? And I answer them have you ever seen an horse eating meat”, this was the last statement from the video, the game changer and I must tell, it caught my attention.  
    Being a game changer requires doing things differently, a complete plant based diet. People in china don’t have heart disease just by eating right according to Forkes over Knives, I know we can change and eat right here too

    • Hi there, 

      I can tell that you watched these documentaries 😉 Good statement from Game Changers, definitely!

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  5. Hey Christine! Amazing article you’ve got here! What first caught my attention was that vegetable protein can actually aid sexual performance, I heard it from a friend sometime ago and hearing it from you again is a direct confirmation that it’s true! I think I’ll try it out. Thanks for this information!

  6. This is a really a great review. I have been opting to know more about Veganism and the videos on this review just settled that especially the Netflix documentary on Forks over Knives that portrayed by consuming plant-based diet illness such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases can be avoided. Please, are all vegen diet only Vegetables?

    • Hi there,

      Forks over Knives is a very informative documentary. Vegan diets are not only based on plants, but also on seeds, nuts, and grains, fruits, soy products such as soy, tempeh, seitan, edamame, and then there are also plant-based meat replacements such as vegan burgers, sausages, and other products. Those products are made of either soy, nuts, grains, it depends on the company. 

  7. I love watching documentaries especially on Netflix. Recently I have just finished Take your Pills and it is disturbing and I have watched the game changer as well. Most of my diet is a plant based organic Whole Foods. I have tried my best to support local farmers and eat as little as possible (so I do not contribute to food waste) I feel good when I eat mostly vegetables, I am not a Vegan but I do not have meat products in my house either. 

    It will take tie for us to heal the world that we live in. But if there is no buyer, these big corps cannot keep torturing these poor animals and also put a lot of chemical to cut the cost. I think what we have to be aware as well is the chemicals that they put on the beyond meat burger. 

    I will have to check Blackfish out. I already saw the rest 🙂 By the way the other documentary that is really good is on youtube it is called The perfect human diet 🙂 It is all about us eating plant based food as well. 

    • Hi there 🙂 

      It will indeed take time for us to heal the world. It is true that as long as consumers keep on demanding these products the companies will keep on producing them … Thank you for your thoughtful comment! 

  8. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. I have got a lot of information about Vegan Documentaries on Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service that allows our members to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. I can find out about using our animals for food and clothing, pets, entertainment and science via Netflix. I’ll share your article with my friends so my friends can find out about these documentaries.

  9. This is very interesting. While I’m not vegan, I do believe that the earth needs fewer cows. I can live without beef. I do love cheese, but I’m ingesting less dairy these days because I don’t like the way many cows are treated. I have respect for the views of vegetarians and vegans; it’s just not a lifestyle I’m ready for. Thank you for the information regarding videos and Netflix.

    • Hi Cathy,

      The earth could use fewer cows, very true. The way they are treated is terrible. It breaks my heart.

      Thank you for visiting!

  10. Hi,

    I loved your blog and I’m very intrigued by the topic and Because I watched a lot of documentaries I did stumble on cowspriacy I love the documentary because it was eye opening to me on how animals are treated around the world and the horrors they have to go through and how it affect the environment and their well being.

    im a huge advocate for animal rights and hope animals be treated better around the world.

    Thanks for shining light on this topic and sharing this knowledge Netflix will help people be knowledgeable about animal abuse.

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes, Cowspiracy was certainly an eye-openener. Netflix has great documentaries and hopefully more people will watch them.

      Thank you for visiting!

  11. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I have diabetes and have been trying many different kinds of plant-based diet to reverse it. I do the search through youtube and google.

    Now based on you, Netflix has such program such as, the consumption of a wholefood, planted-based diet to reverse or prevent several chronic disease. I am already a Netflix registered user and I just need to search for such program.

    I watch movie through Netflix most of the time and I like documentaries which provide useful information, such as prevent and treatment of chronic diseases. It is kind of you sharing this useful tips with us.

    • Hi Anthony,

      I recommend that you look for the Forks over Knives documentary on Netflix, it will give you lots of useful information.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  12. Hello Christine,

    This is a wonderful article.

    I realized that this world is kind of selfish when it comes to matters to do with proper dietary habits. You’ll find that because some industries have a lot of business going on, the masses will not be enlightened about the dangers they face buying products like dairy and various meats. From my experience in nutritional biochemistry, I’ve come to learn that true health is found in plant-based diets. This is because I recently witnessed the complete reversal of type 2 diabetes in the case of a close family member and we only used plant-based diets and special natural herbs and exclusively no animal proteins.  

    I now want to be a vegan!


    • Hi Boniface,

      That’s wonderful news of your family member! I have also those stories of people who got cured of diseases through plant-based diets. And nowadays it’s easy to be a vegan, there are so many products available 🙂


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