7 Vegan Fun Facts

We all love interesting facts, regardless the topic, and vegan fun facts are … well, there are just plenty to talk about 😉 I wrote about them in a previous post, and I thought it was high time to add some more information.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some more fun facts and discover what vegan life (and history) is all about 🙂


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1. Veganism is Ancient

Yes, although the Vegan Society was established in November 1944, veganism has always existed. There is evidence of people avoiding animals and animal products for consumption that dates back to more than 2000 years ago. Obviously they did not give it the name veganism, but the practice already existed back then.

Vegan fun facts

Let’s list a few historical figures that were vegan or vegetarian (in ancient and modern history):

  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Albert Einstein
  • Pythagoras
  • Plato
  • Buddha
  • Ovid
  • al-Maʿarri (Arab poet)
  • Nicola Tesla
  • Mary Shelley ( in her book, she describes Frankenstein’s monster’s food choices as “not of man. I do not destroy the lamb and the kid”)
  • Rosa Parks
  • Mohandas Gandhi
  • Correta Scott King
  • Cesar Chavez
Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

Quote (Gandhi: “I do feel that spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants.”

2. The Number of Vegans is Increasing

According to the United Nations the world population is now at a staggering 7.8 billion. As of September 2020, the total estimated number of vegans in the world today is now approximately 78 million.


free vegan meal plan nutriciously

3. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

By lowering your cholesterol levels you also decrease the risk of heart disease. A vegan diet is low on cholesterol. I don’t go to the doctor often, but whenever I make a visit to the local clinic for a health check and my cholesterol levels are checked, I always get the same response: low levels, very healthy.

4. Tel Aviv Has Over 400 Vegan and Vegan Friendly Restaurants

It is no wonder that Tel Aviv has been named vegan capital of the world, a title that was previously held by Berlin. Vegan burger bars, an Indian restaurant, even a vegan Georgian restaurant, and so much more can all be enjoyed in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv

5. In the UK, Veganism has Increased a 350% from 2009 to 2015!

Quoted from the Guardian: “Veganism is on the rise. In 2006, 150,000 people in the UK opted for a plant-based diet. Today, 542,000 do. That’s a 350% increase. The movement is driven by the young – close to half of all vegans are aged 15-34 (42%), compared with just 14% who are over 65. When the Guardian asked people about being vegan, 67% of the 474 who replied were under 34, and more than one-sixth were teenagers. We heard from people as young as 14 espousing the purported virtues of quitting meat and dairy.”

350% – that is pretty amazing!

6. A Vegan Diet May Increase Your Health

A vegan diet may indeed contribute to a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer, and type 2 diabetes. Several studies have proven a link between a plant-based diet and a decrease or less risk of the mentioned diseases.

For more info, please check T. Colin Campbell’s book The China Study, a comprehensive study about nutrition and its implications for weight loss and health.


7. Veganism Also Saves Human Lives

There are different reasons for going vegan. Most people choose a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons, for the animals. Others do it for health reasons or the environment.

But how does veganism help save human lives …?

I remember an incident with my neighbor. His friend had run over a dog, and I unfortunately ended up witnessing that event … Hearing the screams was terrible, and I was the one who informed the owner, because the man who had hit the dog did not want to deal with it or pay for what he had done. I just couldn’t leave the dog there, in such agony …

I clearly remember my neighbor snapping at me. “There are people starving in the world and you are here worrying about this dog!”

vegan starter kitI could have given him a reply to put him in his place, but that would have made me the “angry vegan” or the “holier than thou” vegan, so I did not say anything. I just told myself to let it go. When I mention the words “angry” or “holier than thou” vegan, I don’t mean this in a frustrated way. As much as there are vegans who tarnish our movement with their aggressive approaches, there are also plenty of non-vegans who do the same thing …

I guess, in the end people are people, and there are always certain members who mess it up for the rest.

Back to helping people now.

PETA has been saying for years that if everyone went vegan, and we stopped feeding so many grains to farm animals, world hunger would disappear. I can imagine some people rolling their eyes when I mention PETA. However, studies back up this claim.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of the Environment state that 36% of the calories in crops are fed to farm animals. When those animals – cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep, lambs, calves, etc … – are slaughtered for food, only 12% of those calories make it into the human body as meat. If those grains had been directly consumed by humans, those calories would not have been lost.

do research

Other findings by the University of Minnesota’s Institute of the Environment are the following:

  • Growing crops for direct human consumption increases food calories by 70%
  • These new crops would be enough to feed an additional 4 million people
  • It takes 13 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of meat. These 13 pounds of grain could go a long way to feeding people – the majority of them children.
  • Feeding farm animals large amounts of grain is taking food out of children’s mouths.

  • The researchers also concluded that there is no real case for continuing the consumption of animals and animal products, since their suffering is immense. It’s a lifetime of suffering that ends in a prolonged, painful death. Animal abuse on factory farms is rampant, there are videos to prove that.Organic or grass fed meat doesn’t make a difference to their lives. They still end up suffering the same terrible deaths that factory farmed animals endure.
  • Organic and cage free does not imply “happy” and “free of suffering”. Labels can be misleading. (this is a general fact, this does not come from the University of Minnesota’s research, but there is plenty of research about that too)

animal truck

Final Thoughts

When we mention “fun facts” not all those facts are fun, but they merely imply that they are interesting, and some of them can be fun, such as finding obese vegans. Believe me, there are plenty of vegans who munch only on plant-based junk food and put on several kilos.

Some of the facts I presented are no fun at all. The last ones I mentioned are surely thought-provoking.


I find it interesting to sometimes come across blog posts that vehemently oppose veganism when in fact there are so many arguments for following a vegan lifestyle or diet.

Are there nutritional deficiencies? Yes, when you follow an unbalanced diet there will naturally be nutritional deficiencies, whether it is a vegan or a non-vegan diet. You must always make sure you have your nutrients. However, with all the information that is available online nowadays, it should not be a problem to balance your diet, and you can also speak to your doctor or a nutritionist about it, if you would like to make sure.

For more information on nutrients in a vegan diet, feel free to read the following articles (they will open in a new window, so you will not lose this page):


B12 Sources for Vegans

Calcium in a Vegan Diet

Iron in a vegan Diet

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.


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10 thoughts on “7 Vegan Fun Facts”

  1. Christine: great article on vegan fun facts. The world would be a much better place with more vegans. I’m really glad that the amount of vegans is increasing too. Thank you for sharing this great article!

  2. Christine,

    Thanks for this introduction and the facts you provided, I’ve been prescribed a Keto/Paleo diet by my doctors but they want me to focus on more of the vegetarian aspect of it. So I arrived on the page from a strange series of searches. I was wondering though, are there benefits to including some vegetarian or vegan recipes in a diet that occasionally includes fish and chicken?

    Thanks in advance for your response,

  3. Interesting article.
    I agree that people are turning more to vegans. There are more vegan fast foods and cafes popping up. And oh my, they look so delish!
    What source of proteins are the most filling? I always have the usual tofu (love tofu) but I feel I need more variety.

  4. A friend of mine has prostate cancer. He has been in a terrible state and almost died. At the moment he is doing OK, thanks to an all meat diet (!). Let’s not go into a discussion about if that is wise or not, but I bring it up because yesterday he sent me a link to research about quitting carbs and the positive effect on Alzheimer’s. He knows my fear about that disease because of my father who died because of Alzheimer’s.
    Can I conclude that the results of that research oppose the research on the effect of vegan on the disease?
    I don’t know enough about the Keto diet. So I was surprised by Sean’s remark about a vegetarian Keto diet. I always thought that it included a lot of meat.
    Anyway, enough to learn about.
    Thanks for your facts, both the fun and the other ones. 🙂

    • Hi Hannie,

      Thank you for your comment! There are doctors who wholeheartedly applaud and embrace the vegan lifestyle and even recommend it to combat diseases and then there are doctors who don’t, and who have their own methods. Let’s indeed not get into what will work or not for Alzheimer’s, I am glad that your friend is doing much better and that is what matters, doesn’t it? 🙂
      I do not know enough about the keto diet, just that it cuts down on carbs and includes indeed meat; how much of it, I would not know. I have to agree that there are still many things to research and learn.

  5. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for this interesting article to know more truth. It’s amazingly surprising to see that there is a 350% increase in the UK, which means the idea of being a vegan is more accepted in modern society. And, it seems that the younger generation accepts this more than the older generation. Do you have a reason for this? It might be worth knowing. 🙂


    • I think that the younger generation is able to see the damage the older generation has caused and is more willing to make a change. Most – but not all – of older generations are “set in their ways” or think they “can’t” change to veganism anymore, but change in general has always frightened people.
      I teach in junior high school and I often get questions like “but how could they allow this?” “How could they do this?” regarding many topics, but also animal cruelty. The younger generations seem to be embracing veganism more. Young people are still not brainwashed by society and they are still more compassionate. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they can carry that compassion over into their adult lives and future generations?!


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