Vegan Holiday Roasts and Desserts – Best Ready-Made Meals

It’s Holiday Season, and preparations have begun in many households. In mine not so much yet, but trust me, my mind is spinning with what meal I am going to make and what surprises I am going to come up with for Christmas. It’s the first time that my boyfriend and I will spend Christmas together, and we are excited about that.


How do I make a vegan Christmas dinner? If you remember from previous posts, my boyfriend is a meat lover. However, he is very open to vegan food; and he absolutely loved his first vegan pizza.

No pizza for Christmas though. As much as I love pizza, this time we are going to have a pot roast. Yep, that can be veganized too.

So, What’s For Christmas Dinner?

Today I would like to share with you some ready-made vegan pot roasts and other Christmas meals. If you’re having a family dinner, you may have to plan for some vegan or vegetarian relatives or friends. Instead of fretting about what festive dish you can cook for them, why not get a ready-made pot roast and then spoil them with a yummy cheezecake for dessert? Below I will show you the best brands, and if you check on Amazon, they have many glowing customer reviews.

If you like to avoid any products that contain soy or gluten, I will gladly add that information.

Vegan Pot Roasts

A favorite of mine is Tofurky. They have delicious roasts, and all you have to do is take it out of the package and heat it on the stove top or microwave. I prefer the stove top, it just comes out better, don’t you agree? Tofurkey offers the following dinners:

  • Ham roast with glaze
  • Everyday ham roast
  • Roast
  • Roast and gravy
  • Holiday feast


Tofurky products contain vital wheat gluten, so they’re not gluten-free. Stay tuned though for a vegan, gluten-free pot roast recipe in my next post 🙂

Vegan Desserts

Daiya also offers great cakes, if you’d like to have some dessert after your delicious roast. But there always is room for dessert, isn’t there? In my case, there usually is 😉

  • New York Cheezecake
  • Key Lime Cheezecakedaiya-desserts
  • Chocolate Cheezecake
  • Strawberry Cheezecake
  • Pumpkin Spice Cheezecake

And, these cakes are soy and gluten free.

Vegan Pies and Pie Crusts

If you’d like to make your own pie, but you’re not sure or don’t have time to make a vegan pie, here are some ready-made pies that you can buy. There is also the option getting a plant-based pie crust and then add your favorite topping (keep it dairy-free for your veggie friends).

Albertson, Target, and Safeway grocery stores offer the following jumper pies: Dutch apple pie, Lattice peach pie, and Lattice apple pie.

Or how about Marie Callender’s razzleberry pie? This one is available at Walmart and Target stores and you can also get it at Amazon.


One more tip: stop by Wholefoods to check if they have any freshly made vegan meals and/or desserts. That’s always a good option too. 

Getting Ready For a Veggie Christmas

I hope you liked these options. While I do not buy many ready-made meals and I prefer to cook them myself, there are some that I find very tasty, such as the ones I listed above. I have eaten most of them, like Tofurkey roast and Daiya cheezecakes, and I would definitely buy them again. I wouldn’t recommend anything I didn’t like 😉

Soon, I’ll also post a recipe for a vegan holiday meal. I’m thinking of a pot roast, or if you have any other suggestion, including dessert, please let me know in the comments. But let´s not do a super difficult recipe, ok 😉 Let’s keep things simple, and gear up with ease towards a stress-free and Veggie Christmas.


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22 thoughts on “Vegan Holiday Roasts and Desserts – Best Ready-Made Meals”

  1. I feel you, I have been running around preparing for the holiday as well. Not only just cooking but also sending cards and start wrapping gifts while still going to work, is not easy. I have no idea that there is a Tofuturkey pot roast. To be honest I am not a big fan of them but I am going to give it a try again. I have always been a big fan of Morning Stars and also the vegan varieties from Trader Joe’s. 

    I love Daiya’s desserts!! They are so good and light I love it. I once made a tofu chocolate pie with a soft tofu, it is so food. You should try it 🙂   I will have to try razzleberry pie out too! Thank you so much for the review 🙂

    • Hello 😊

      Morningstar is also good, I like them too, and Trader Joe’s is great! 

      Soft tofu is great for desserts, I am going to try your suggestion over the holidays 😊

  2. I am also not a very big fan of all the ready made stuff but if that’s what I can do to make this holiday one of the best then why not. I am here learning from you because I trust you will give the best and you said that too in the concluding part of this post. I really like this and I will also like to give that Tofurkey roast and Daiya cheezecakes

    • Hi Henderson,

      I also prefer cooking, but I think that once in a while it’s ok to buy some ready made meals. These are great brands and the Daiya cheesecakes are delicious. In my next post I’ll share a nice recipe for the Holiday Season, I promise 😉. Thank you for stopping by 😊

  3. Hi Christine,

    I enjoyed reading about your different alternatives to the vegan way of eating and cooking. I had no idea there was so much out there to choose from. For awhile years ago I tried to see if vegan eating was for me and I have to say that some of the foods were tasty. Suffice to say however that I am not a vegan but I don’t mind trying different things. Especially if it cuts the calories down without losing the flavor. I’ll have to check out those dessert recipes for the upcoming holidays.



  4. Well,all my family are vegans so we would really be having a very good holiday with your ideas. This I guess is the first of many. Like you I do not believe so much in ready made foods because well, we are vegans and we have to be conscious of what we eat but since this comes from you, I will recommend it at home and I hope they endorse it. Thanks for giving this beautiful ideas. Happy holidays.

    • Hi John, 

      I understand. I also prefer cooking, but I do like these brands, especially the Daiya cheezecakes.

      Happy holidays to you too 😊

  5. Wow a great idea, I just learnt my greatest surprise for my fiancee and I on the Christmas Eve, personally on Christmas we do prepare foods from home and I think we should try and have a different celebration this year, I believe buying ready food can be better just spend the day resting and enjoy the meals, and due to that it’s my turn to come up with special meal for Christmas this year, you just shared something unique of which am sure my fiancee is not aware. I believe this will turn to be a great surprise to her, I have to read your previous post to learn even more about this and other related articles.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article relating to the vegan roasts and desserts.

    • Hi Joy,

      That’s wonderful! And I agree, let’s make Christmas a little easier, right, and more stress-free, so we can truly enjoy it. Wishing you and your fiancée a Merry Christmas Eve! 🙂 

  6. Thanks for sharing this. Our neighbours are coming over for christmas dinner as it is a norms here for us to host them. Thus, they are vegans and I am looking for a way to impress them with the perfect meal. hence, this post is really great. At least, I know what to cook for them and how to cook for them to make it special and besides, I can practise things up before the time.

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      Yes, you can definitely try things beforehand. Why not get a Daiya cheezecake ahead of time and try it, I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂 

      This will be a nice surprise for your neighbors, having a ready-made vegan roast and a yummy pie or cake. 

  7. Hi Christine. Actually, I’m not a vegan but all my family are vegans. I always feel pain because I need to prepare different kinds of food for them. Importantly, they are very picky. You know, everyone is busy nowadays. If I have time, I want to take more rest rather than thinking about different food for them.

    I’m so happy that I can find your site. Tofurky provides me a lot of foods such as ham, roast, gravy, and feast. Moreover, it’s easy to cook that saves me time. I never think I can make a vegan pot roast for them. The vegan desserts are also great ideas for them. My family loves sweets.

    Your information is really useful to me. I hope you can keep sharing more different food for a vegan. It really can reduce my work much.

    • Hi CT,

      I’m gad you find this useful 🙂 These ready-made meals make it a lot easier, especially if you have vegan relatives coming over and you want to make something special for them. The Tofurky vegan pot roast is easy, you just have to heat it up. And those cheezecakes are so good! I think I’m going to buy one today, after talking about them so often in my article and the comments, lol. I got to have a cheezecake now 😉

      Thanks for visiting. I’ll keep on sharing more ideas for this Holiday Season. 

  8. I’m not vegan, my aunt is and I as well as your boyfriend, am open to any type of food as long as it has nothing to do with the sea. I’m gonna send this post to my aunt to see if she’s ever tried these products and if not, then maybe she will. Do you have any vegan and sugar free recipes? I would really be interesting in that. 

  9. Hi Christine,

    I’m so excited after reading your article cause holidays are coming and I love cooking so much! Also, I’m newly married & my husband loves to eating vegan. Your article is perfect for me, the way described to cooking and eating vegan it was new for me. Because I am not a vegan lover but I love to cook vegan for my hubby. But I love your desserts, they are awesome, especially Daiya cheezecakes. Thanks for this beautiful article keep sharing!

    • Hi Irin,

      Congratulations on your wedding! 

      The roast is very good, and you can just heat it on the stovetop. The Daiya cheezecakes are yummy 🙂 I’m sure your husband will like them 🙂

  10. I am definitely sharing this with my family today as this would really help to push me forward faster and can enable my steady input into making the best out of everything else. I like this roasts and desserts and I will share with my wife. At least, we can use that for the christmas eve. Wow! thoughtful of you to share.

  11. Thankfully you have shared this much information here and I can only state that you have helped me by sharing here. Being a vegan myself, I have never tasted anything that has to do with roasting since I became a vegan. hence, I am rather anxious to try this out. I hope they taste good enough.

    • Hi Julianne,

      I like Tofurky products. Some vegans don’t. I think it all depends on what types of preparations and flavors everyone is used to. I think the Tofurky roast is great 😊 There are so many different brands. Field Roast also has yummy faux meats (but no roast so far that I know of).


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