Vegan Meals Delivered – It’s Never Been Easier

Today, I am not going to talk about vegan sausages or cookbooks, and I am not going to share any recipes either. What? Why? ?

Today is all about being lazy. We all need those days, right? I certainly had a nice relaxing day yesterday, lounging in my hammock and reading a great book. So, I thought, why not do something similar with my website? Bring something easy to my readers. Vegan food delivery.


There’s one service that really stands out for me, and that’s Vegin’ Out. Their service includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Basically, they offer two options

  1. Healthy, organic, wholesome, and affordable vegan meal delivery nationwide
  2. Five-day vegan soup and juice cleanse

So, when I saw their menu, I was tempted to order some food. Too bad, I don’t live in the US. When I go up there for a trip though, Vegin’ Out will certainly be a great option. Imagine, how easy it will be, just go online or dial a number, and voilà, food is coming to my door. Then, after that, I can go exploring and do all the tourist stuff that tourists do 😉

Ok, back to food. Maybe I need a holiday. It’s certainly been ages since I traveled. I must do that soon 🙂

Option 1:

Healthy, Organic, Wholesome, and Affordable Vegan Meal Delivery Nationwide

What does the first option offer? The weekly menu for 17 June 2019 offers the following:

  • Breakfast: power oats Veginout-menu
  • Entrées:
    • Thai red curry veggies
    • Pasta Puttanesca
    • Red lentil dal
  • Sides dishes:
    • Ginger scented rice
    • Oven roasted veggies
    • Tamari-ginger tofu
    • Thai peanut kale salad
  • Soups:
    • Hearty veggie miso
  • Desserts:
    • Classic chocolate chip

My Thoughts?

Curry is one of my favorites. Lentil dal, so yummy, and lentils are healthy protein. Tamari-ginger tofu, that sounds so good.

I know that some people turn up their noses at tofu, but what is so wonderful about tofu is that it absorbs the flavors you want it to have. I agree that in itself tofu has no flavor, but it is such a versatile ingredient and you can create wonders with it.

Before frying, cooking, or baking your meal, you have to marinade your block of tofu. Let it marinade for several hours, in whatever sauce you want, curry, tamari-ginger as in this menu, garlic and white wine sauce, spicy barbecue, or whatever else you feel like making. Trust me, after marinating tofu, and then preparing it as part of your meal, it tastes delicious.

I love soups, and I especially like the flavor of miso soup.

And chocolate chip, well, you always get me with chocolate. I’m that easy 😉

Option 2:

Five-Day Vegan Soup and Juice Cleanse

A soup and juice cleanse, great to start a weight loss program. This vegan cleanse has been created with Dr. Kurt Hong and Claudia Del Vecchio from the internal medicine department of USC Keck Hospital. It’s based on 400-800 calories a day and it doesn’t only include veggies, but also protein (from protein powder), and cold-pressed juices.


I realize that is not the first site you would think of to find a soup and juice cleanse, but I feel it is only right to also look at the second meal delivery option of Vegin Out. Who knows, it might just be what is needed, especially after overindulging in the holidays 🙂

What goes in here? It would be best to show the info from Vegin’ Out’s site. Since I am not a diet guru and I have never been on a diet or cleanse (although I am certainly interested in doing a toxins cleansing), I want to share the right information. So, please refer to below picture 🙂


Where Does Vegin’ Out Deliver?

Nationwide, except for Alaska and Hawaii. Please refer to Vegin’ Out’s website for specific details and when to order to make sure your meal delivery arrives on the day you want it. It can be delivered to your home or the office. That’s certainly handy for those busy days at work 😉


As I said, when I make a trip to the US, I will order from them, because the menu looks great, and the delivery service is organized and looks efficient. I am getting really hungry now and I need to go and eat … Too bad I can’t place an order from here, I live in the Baja, a beautiful place south of the border, and so it is not included in “nationwide” 😉

I hope you like this review and you’ll give Vegin’ Out a try. I think it will be worth it.

And remember, sometimes it is ok to be lazy and pay others to do the work for you 😉 At times I am just too tired to cook, you know, that’s where those food delivery services come in.


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6 thoughts on “Vegan Meals Delivered – It’s Never Been Easier”

  1. Hi Christine, Yes we all have those lazy days when we can’t be bothered with cooking a meal and that is when companies like the one you mention vegan out come in handy. I am not a vegan myself but I am interested to see what meals are being cooked by anyone. I am into cooking my own food mostly veggie based but not all the time. I work with a girl who is vegan and she brought us in a danish pastry vegan style and I must say I enjoyed it, better than the cheesecake she brought in previously. Anyway thanks for this post and I am sure it will be interesting for all the readers from the USA.

  2. Great post, and I am all for having a lazy day! I love how passionate you are about the began lifestyle it is very inspiring and this article was totally what I needed to read today, so thanks!

    • Hello, yes, of course I should have remembered, living in this busy world, that sometimes people just don’t have time to cook. I totally agree, lol 🙂
      I hope you like this food delivery. Let me know how it goes.
      Thank you for your comment! 🙂


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