Vegan Meals to Cook – Omari McQueen, the Youngest Vegan Chef

At 12 years old, Omari McQueen has already achieved a lot. He became vegan (and a chef) when he was 7, hosts his own YouTube channel called Omari Goes Wild, published a cookbook, created his own brand, Dipalicious, and even hosted a restaurant venue in a one-month pop up restaurant in Croydon, London. He has won several awards and is known as Britain’s Youngest Chef. If you don’t know how to cook vegan meals, I recommend that you subscribe to Omari’s YouTube channel where he shares his easy-to-follow recipes.

Vegan Meals to Cook - Omari McQueen, the Youngest Vegan Chef
credit: Omari McQueen Instagram

Young CEO

When Omari was 7 years old, his parents began to teach him how to cook. In that time, his mother became ill, and she was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. Since his father often came home late because of work, and his mother was ill, Omari now spent more time in the kitchen, at the same time discovering his love for cooking.

To find a way to help his mother, he began to research foods that might be beneficial, and his research brought him to information about the vegan diet. After watching a video on YouTube, his view on nourishment was changed. He said, “Why would I eat animals when the world is full of delicious and healthy foods that don’t harm them?”


It all started with a vegan pizza. For his first YouTube video he made vegan pizza with his homemade dip called “Caribbean Kick”. His dips were also such a smashing success with friends and family that he decided to sell them.


“I went to an Ultra Education children’s business fair and sold my dips for fun,” Omari said. “Then when I realized I sold out and everyone loved it, I decided to make it my business.”

Omari launched his company Dipalicious, starting with delightful dips such as Caribbean Kick, Sweet Tooth, and Coco Curry. Those names sound absolutely mouthwatering. You can check his website here ==> Dipalicious

Omari Goes Wild on YouTube

On his YouTube channel, Omari doesn’t only share his recipes, but he also gives cooking classes for kids. This is a perfect family activity, especially nowadays that several countries are still in lockdown due to covid-19.


When you subscribe to Omari’s YouTube channel Omari Goes Wild, you will learn how to make delicious meals. Instructions are easy to follow and Omari is a charming host. At the same time, your kids can learn from Omari’s videos and also try his vegan recipes. This could be a kids project or also a fun family activity. 🙂

A delicious and easy recipe, spicy cauliflower wings 

Best Bites Cookbook

He has also published his first cookbook, called Best Bites Cookbook, which is available on Amazon UK. It features over 35 plant-based recipes, from pizza to pasta, snacks, and smoothies.

Best Bites Cookbook
credit: Instagram Omari McQueen

”I can’t wait to inspire other kids to experiment and have fun with vegan food in the kitchen.”—Omari

He is planning the release of his second cookbook in January 2021. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

More Plans

And this is not all. Omari wants a bus restaurant as well to offer vegan food on the go, giving people the chance to have balanced vegan meals. Additionally, he plans to put up lots more cooking shows on his YouTube channel. With the support of his parents who manage the business part and who also teach him about that aspect, he is well on his way to become an independent entrepreneur when he turns 18.

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  1. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this amazing piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoyed going through your article as it is very inspirational, so many people can learn different lessons from this kid. I pray he is able to fulfill and accomplish his goals, good luck.

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    That is really a unique and helpful piece you have there. Infact it is super amazing because the story of the young boy is quite inspiring. I love cooking so I enjoyed every bit of what I read. These guides and tips will actually help one in becoming a great cook and learn new things on Vegan foods.

    Thanks. I hope to see more of this

  3. Wow, what an achievement at such a young age! This kid is an inspiration for everyone. I really liked when Omari realized there’s no point to kill the animals: “Why would I eat animals when the world is full of delicious and healthy foods that don’t harm them?”

    Thank you for sharing

  4. Wow. This is just so amazing. For a kid of his age being a vegan chef is a lot of achievements. I feel glad seeing this kid doing what he loves best and making sure he makes a great impact. Launching a company adds the icing to the cake for this intelligent and enterprising kid. Thanks for this very interesting information. I had a great time reading this article.

  5. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article. This is great info about such a young chef. I love vegan recipes although i am not a vegan, but i have had a few of them and i must say it was really good and i would love to try these onces

  6. Hi Christine,

    It’s so nice that seeing a very young man doing things he loves and earns from it, which motivates me today(after a long day working in the office). He makes vegan cooking looks fun and easy, and I can’t wait to read his second recipe too.

    Thanks for sharing today,

  7. This is amazing, In every problem, there is something good that always hiding in. Omari has inspired me in diverse ways after reading and watching youtube channel.

    Indeed there is nothing impossible. Once you take the first step and continue taking more steps you are on your way to success.

  8. Omari McQueen, the Youngest Vegan Chef, is such a star. You doing a complete article on him must be such an encouragement for him. Wow!
    I like his recipes, especially the cauliflower wings which we are gonna try out at home today. Thank u, Christine.

  9. Christine,

    This kid sounds like a wonder. 🙂 I think it’s great that he’s become such an influence online, especially as a kid where other kids will probably try to follow suit. My daughter likes to cook on YouTube as well, but of course, she just started so it’s a small channel.

    I’m going to have to check him out here soon and see some of his recipes. Thanks for sharing this information!


    • Hi Katrina,

      I think it’s great that your daughter is starting her own YouTube channel! 🙂 In time it can grow, you never know 🙂
      Omari McQueen is very inspirational to me, and I love what he does and how inspiring he is to so many people.


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