Vegan Restaurants in Los Cabos – And They’re Amazing

As promised, here comes my article about vegan restaurants in Los Cabos. I’ve done my research, munched on some burgers, pizzas, pies, and downed a few smoothies, and I came to the conclusion that I need to go out more 😉 . There is some really good food here in Cabo, my goodness.


Last weekend I went out on a beautiful date. We walked up to the top of the hill and watched the incredible views over the bay of Cabo San Lucas and the majestic Pacific Ocean. Then we took a glass bottom boat from the marina to the famous Arch. The boat took us past the San Andres Cave (“La cueva de San Andres, donde entran dos y salen tres“) where two go in and three come out 😉 ,Pelican Rock, the Pacific window, and finally the boat ventured from the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez around Land’s End into the wild Pacific Ocean. What a beautiful trip.

We were very hungry after all those activities, and I really wanted to try the food at Mako, a vegan-vegetarian restaurant. I had heard so much about it and I wanted to see for myself. My date, however, likes meat and he was not crazy about vegan food and so, I tricked him, haha. I just pointed out Mako, since we were nearby, and told him that it looked like a good restaurant. He agreed and we went in. We ordered pizza, and oh my God, it was so delicious!


We shared the pizza, my date’s half was vegetarian and mine was vegan. And you know what my wonderful friend said? After his first bite, he told me that this was the best pizza he had ever had. In the morning (up on the hill, overlooking Cabo) he had also had some of my homemade couscous, and he loved it too 🙂 So, I think I convinced him to try more vegan food, lol.

top half is vegetarian, and lower half is vegan

There were many great items on the menu, many of them Mexican, like aguachile and tacos, but also burgers, and even vegan sashimi. The burger was huge and looked mouthwatering good. Our pizza was simply heaven. And for dessert, they also had several delightful options. When I saw carrot cake, I was hooked.

Mako is definitely a restaurant I will go back to. The food is incredible, and based on fresh and organic ingredients. The staff is very friendly, and the prices are great. When you go to Cabo, and you are looking for a good vegetarian or vegan restaurant, Mako is the place. From its second floor location, you also have a nice view and are able to enjoy a cool breeze, which is always refreshing in the summer 🙂

This restaurant is in Cabo San Lucas, near the marina, behind the Marina Fiesta Hotel.

Chula Vegan Café

chula-cafe-veganHave you tried the cashew cheese nachos? Avocado hummus toast and veggie wraps?Hamburgers, waffles, smoothies … Ready to go and try it out?

This restaurant is receiving smashing reviews from vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegan customers, and this is definitely another one to go on your list if you find yourself in San José Del Cabo. Great location, great food, what more could you want?


Namaste India

This restaurant is a little gem, hidden away in San José Del Cabo. Not directly downtown, it is conveniently located in the Chamizal neighborhood, not so far from the town center. Although it is not entirely a vegan restaurant, it offers a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. And Indian food is delicious, it is one of my favorites.

Curries, naan bread, chana massala, vegetable biryani, and so much more. You better curry up – I mean – hurry up before it’s all gone. 😉


Anything Else?

There are a few others, which I didn’t mention because I haven’t tried them or it is just a small bistro. I would have liked to include The Green Goddess in this review as well, because they had a small bistro in their store. I already talked extensively about The Green Goddess in my previous review of vegan shopping in Los Cabos.

Unfortunately, the Green Goddess is closed now.


Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegan, these restaurants are worth checking out. The food is amazing, and like my date said, at Mako he had the best pizza he has ever had 🙂 In San José Del Cabo as well as in Cabo San Lucas, there is a good choice of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Even in non-vegan restaurants, it is now a lot easier to ask for veganized versions, much easier than it used to be years ago …



For example, Jazmin’s is a Mexican restaurant that offers many vegetarian versions of their meals. According to Trip Advisor it is among the most vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants, including also El Meson, Pan di Bacco, La Forchetta, and Don Sanchez. Cynthia Fresh! Restaurant and Organic Market also has vegetarian meals available. All of these mentioned restaurants are in San José Del Cabo.

What do You Mean with Conclusion? Wait a Minute. What About Tacos?

Yes,  if you find yourself in a taco place, you can ask for vegan tacos. “Like what” you’d ask?

OK, well, how about mushroom tacos, soy chorizo and potato tacos or burritos, huitlacoche (Aztec mushroom, unique delicious taste), zucchini flower, nopal (Mexican edible cactus, I love that one!), veggie tacos and burritos, and so much more. And in most Mexican eateries you get a complimentary serving of chips and salsas too, which are vegan. Everything is possible.

My friend told me that it is probably difficult to get vegan food in restaurants. I told him, no, on the contrary, it has never been easier 🙂

Come to Cabo, you’ll find beach, sun, fun, and lots of great food.


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12 thoughts on “Vegan Restaurants in Los Cabos – And They’re Amazing”

  1. Great info. I’ve always found the whole meat-eater vs. vegetarian/ vegan debate pointless. Honestly, good food is good food. Yes, I eat meat, but I can enjoy a good vegetarian/ vegan meal. Actually, I’m on a pretty strict diet for an autoimmune disease. And, a vegetarian/vegan option is the only way to go when dining out most times because of the additional ingredients that can cause inflammation. Since I love travel and fine dining, I have learned that a vegetarian/ vegan menu item is the safest option for me. Now, I have places to add to my visit list when I’m headed that way. So, thank you.

  2. Hi Christine!
    Great article about a very interesting topic! I am not Los Cabos or not even near to there, but I can imagine that there may be a lot of people thankful for this post. Nowadays, it seems like more people are interested in going vegan and this is a great way to help them do so! However, aren’t you a bit skeptical if they are completely vegan or not? I have a friend who is vegan, and she says that sometimes vegan food can get mixed up with animal products, but from my point of view, it is kind of impossible to be 100% sure about this. What do you think?



    • Hello Mariana, thanks for your comment. One cannot be sure always, but the point of being vegan is to cause the least harm possible. While products are vegan, one cannot always know if they were produced in installations that process dairy, just to give an example. But I would not be able to say if that was true. I always check the ingredients of each package, but if an item is marked as vegan, then it has to be vegan. Companies have an obligation towards their customers

  3. Hi Christine,  though I eat meat but I also like eating very delicious vegan foods. My principle is simple, so far the food is tasty and delicious, I am very okay with it. los cabos is seeming rather tantalizing to me already to visit and have a delicious meal in their restaurants. But a vacation would be more appropriate to enjoy the full splendour of everything it has to offer. I’ve never tried an Indian cuisine before, just maybe los cabos would be the appropriate place to try them out. Very nice post

  4. One thing is for sure… You love what you are writing here. It’s reflected in the way you present your opinions. I sure hope a day will come when I could drop by and eat my fill on these delicacies… For I sure would love to go vegan every now and then.
    Amazing read. Keep up the good work.

  5. This is an amazing article, well anything related to food is amazing! I want to try Namaste India and mako as you made me drool from this post hahaha. it is amazing to know these so when I visit the city I know where to go, I love how you wrote this article reflecting your experience and opinion about it which make me want to try them. But I have a question since most of the time Vegan food are expensive, what are the prices for eating there? I hope not so expensive

    • Hi Mohammad, Mako has very good prices, and I have had some other vegan foods at different places which were not so expensive. It’s the same with most restaurants, I guess. Some are expensive and some are less expensive. Vegan food used to be more costly, but I find that the prices are now very accessible, perhaps because every day more and more people are becoming vegan?
      Thanks for commenting!


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