Vegan Shopping List – Handy for Christmas

Are we still on for some late Christmas shopping? There is always some late Christmas shopping, isn’t there? Nobody likes it, but the stores are always packed. I usually avoid the stores and malls during those days before Christmas. I have no patience for long lines at the cash register.


I often watch that shopping mayhem in Christmas movies. Have you seen The Family Stone? I love that movie, I already saw it twice 😉 Seeing the frenzy from afar makes me appreciate the comforts and stress free home environment more. That’s what makes online shopping so much more attractive. I can do it anywhere, sitting on a chair outside while having a cup of tea, relaxing on my bed, or during breakfast.

And speaking of tea, let’s start with Art of Tea who are now having 10% off. They also offer gift certificates, which I always find a great present. You simply can’t go wrong with gift certificates, because then you won’t buy anything in a color or flavor that is not liked or a wrong size or whatever else could go wrong 😉 And gift certificates can be presented with some nice chocolates, flowers, Christmas decorations, you name it.


Vegan Chocolates

Before I begin, there is also the option of making your own homemade vegan chocolate, a recipe I shared in a previous article. Easy to make and mouthwatering good!

You can’t go wrong with truffles! Gluten free, nut free, safe from allergens, and delicious. Yep, healthy, cruelty-free, and delicious goes together, definitely.


How about a box of assorted chocolates, also gluten free, nut free, non GMO, kosher, and with premium ingredients? I know ‘d be happy to get that one, but then again, I’m a chocoholic. I just love chocolates.

And dark chocolate peanut butter cups? Oh yes, let them come. If a close one does not know what to get you for Christmas, pass him or her this page, leave them some hints 😉

Vegan Shoes

You’re secret Santa to a vegan and you have no clue what to get him or her? I mean, there are many things you could get someone, but I think that it means a lot when you can see that your secret Santa made some effort to really buy you something you’ll appreciate and even love.

Vegan shoes, you’d say? What …? Yes, people who follow a vegan lifestyle do not use leather, fur, or wool. Shoes usually have some leather, but there are always options. In fact, there are plenty of vegan shoe companies, and there are also other companies who will include some cruelty-free items in their shops.

Boots with imitation wool are just as warm and soft, and they come in beautiful designs. Imitation leather has been selling well for years. You’d be surprised at how durable and lasting the materials of vegan shoes are.

Personally, I don’t wear many shoes, I use either flip-flops or sandals. No, I’m not the stereotypical vegan hippie type I sometimes see in movies. I just happen to live in the desert and I really do not like to wear shoes, because I feel they stifle me. I just wear boots in rain season. It’s important to have good boots – and some shoes, in case I have to leave the hot desert and venture back into civilization for a bit 😉

But enough about me, here are some lovely vegan shoes and boots you could surprise someone with, just make sure you have the right size 😉

Vegan cookbooks

You can go different ways here. A vegan cookbook is a wonderful gift for someone who wants to go vegan – perhaps as a New Year’s resolution? It’s also great for someone who would like to incorporate more plant based meals into their diets. Or it could be a good prank gift for a hard core meat eater 😉 but then, you never know, he or she may still end up trying some of those recipes.

I have written some reviews on vegan cookbooks in previous articles. If you’d like to read more about them, then please click below for the relevant links.

==> Click here for a review of the best vegan cookbooks for beginners <== Cooking on a budget, vegan macaroni and cheese, easy and yummy recipes by award winning authors

==> Click here for a review of the Forks over Knives cookbook <== This book has received glowing reviews, and the Forks over Knives website also features a very informative documentary about healthy living.

==> Click here for a review of Cooking with Amore <== A cookbook written by chef – and a friend of mine – Maria Amore. This cookbook includes old family recipes.


One more? Here is a review about the cookbook Vegan Food for Carnivores, written by Ellen Degeneres’s personal chef.

I hope that this post may have given you some ideas. Even if you already have all your gifts, it’s sometimes nice to get something extra, and I know that I always love to indulge myself. Get yourself a Christmas gift too 🙂


Disclaimer: as an Amazon associate, I receive a commission if you decide to purchase from any of the provided Amazon links. All products that I recommend have been either properly researched or personally bought and tried, in order to provide you with an honest opinion.


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12 thoughts on “Vegan Shopping List – Handy for Christmas”

  1. I had no idea there were vegan shoe companies! That is very interesting.  I know you said you don’t where a lot of shoes but prefer flip flops.  Do you know of anyone who has used these shoes before? I think it is so unique!

    I really like how you gave options on chocolate as well! I’m considering going vegan in January! I will look into these chocolates not only as gifts for others, but for myself! 

    • Hi Jessica,

      I don’t know anyone in my hometown who ordered shoes online, but I have spoken to many vegans online who simply love those shoes. The shoes and boots have received many great reviews. 

      I also love chocolates! I am going to get some for me too 😉 Have you checked out the cookbooks? They can help you when you go vegan in January 🙂 

  2. All things good and all things vegan here. I like the idea of getting that vegan chocolate set. That’s something that I should get myself. All the information here are all very good. This is a good shopping list and since Christmas is already in a few days, I will go get some of these and also be friendly enough to share it.

  3. I have tried some vegan chocolate as I’m a chocolate lover so if someone wants to buy me something, with chocolate they can never go wrong! I’m not vegan but I like vegan products as they are much healthier in most cases than the classical ones.
    I’ve never heard of vegan shoes but it sounds logical that people who are vegans want to have shoes made of other materials than fur and leather. I wonder whether they are really comfortable and supporting the arch of foot. I like comfortable shoes as I walk a lot. Do you have good experience with buying shoes online?

    • Hi Lenka,

      Yes, those shoes are very comfortable. They are made the same and the materials are strong and durable, in some cases even more than the non vegan ones, lol. Hemp, for example, lasts forever, it’s an incredibly strong material that can be used to make clothes and shoes. Rubber is also another strong material that can be used for making shoes and boots. Fake leather is often made from durable material too and it looks and feels nice. 

  4. Hey Christine, My Christmas list is ready.I like your suggestion keep it handy. If it will in my hand so it become very easy for me to buy my products now. We are ready to buy some products for this Christmas. But vegan cookbook is a wonderful gift for someone who wants to go vegan. We have choose Vegan Cooking for Carnivores written by Ellen Degeneres’ chef. Thank you .. Parveen

  5. I am definitely one of those late Christmas shoppers and the person I neglect the most is myself. I would shop for everyone till I realized I haven’t got myself any gift. Luckily I found something on your list. If there’s anything that makes me happy, it would be tea – fusion, herbal, classic – you name it, I’ll love it. I’ve actually been eyeing on the Art of Tea for a while. They seem to have some blend I’ve not seen elsewhere. Now that they are having a 10% off, I will be sure to get one.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Art of Tea have some beautiful assortments. I’m also a tea lover. Definitely get yourself a Christmas gift too, I know I will 😉 We should indulge ourselves too!


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