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A few years ago I ordered my first vegan shoulder bag, and I still have it. The material is made of good, lasting quality. Sure, it has a few scratches, but that’s because of the use I (and occasionally some of my kitties) have given it. It’s still in excellent shape, though, and I carry it nearly every day. So, I was thinking of checking out several vegan brands, and today I would like to start with Jules Kae’s lovely bags, and look at material, pros, cons, and prices.

I do not own anything by Jules Kae, but I am giving an overview of their products, because they are cruelty-free and I am interested in purchasing perhaps either a jacket or a belt from them (they offer more than handbags, which I will show you further down in this article).

Vegan Shoulder Bags for Women - Jules Kae

Jules Kae


Jules Kae is a handbag and accessory line, based in New York and founded in 2016, by the designer, Jules Kae. With a lively and feminine play on classic shapes, current trends, and romantic touches, each new collection comes with new and attractive developments.

The materials they use are premier cruelty-free and PETA-approved vegan leather for belts, bags, and small vegan leather products. Jules Kae is also owned by women who strive to make sleek and easy bags for the on-the-go girl in today’s busy world.

PETA-approved or certified means that this company does not use any ingredients, formulations, or finished products that were tested on animals and that they have no intention to do so in the future. If a company is validated by PETA, you can be assured that they are 100% cruelty-free.


Jules Kae Chloe Bucket Bag
Jules Kae Chloe Bucket Bag

Their prices are between $32 and $150 US, which are normal prices for a good quality hand bag, nothing exorbitant. On top of that, Jules Kae offers some amazing discounts on selected items.

jules kae skyla bag
Jules Kae Skyla Bag

One customer described the Skyla bag as “a unique piece” in her collection. In her 5-star review she wrote: “It’s a good size, my phone, mirror, wallet, lipstick and some extra goodies fit in the bag comfortably. And it’s a nice pop of color. Gorgeous bag! Love it.”

Charlotte tote bag
Charlotte Tote Bag

Other Products

Besides a large range of handbags, Jules Kae also offers a stunning selection of belts, face masks and face mask holders, jackets, coats, and collars.

The face masks have a three-layer construction and decorative fronts. Their scrunched elastic ear loops allow comfortable wear and they are also offered with elegant face mask holders: beautiful chains that connect to the ear loops.

Jules Kae face mask holder

One customer gave it a 5 star review and commented:

Jules Kae face maskThis is the best mask I’ve tried!! It’s so breathable and soft. The chain is really cute and its so nice to just slip the mask on and off around your neck. One thing: do not machine wash the mask, it will shrink!!! It still fits but is a little too snug.”

The website states that these face masks can be machine washed in the delicate cycle, so I’m not sure what cycle this person was using, since it’s not mentioned. When in doubt, hand wash is probably safer 😉

The belts look lovely and show different styles, all very fashionable and feminine.

The jackets display a larger variety. There are coats; motto, bomber, and denim jackets.

Jules Kae belts


Vegan leather – also known as faux leather or pleather – is a material that doesn’t require the killing of an animal. There are two products that are most commonly used to make vegan leather:

Polyvinyl chloride: also known as PVC. It’s either rigid or flexible and it’s often used for food packaging, bank cards, and pipes.

Polyurethane: also known as PU, is flexible, durable, and more environmentally friendly than traditional leather. It’s also used to make skateboard wheels, hoses, and synthetic fibers.

Both materials can be used in different styles and colors.

Besides these two commonly known ones there are also other natural vegan leather alternatives such as banana leather, cork, and mushrooms. In 2019, nopal leather was also introduced (see article “El Universal: Mexicans create first vegan leather using nopal“). Nopal is an edible cactus that grows in Mexico. It has a chewy texture inside that I can imagine will work well to produce vegan leather.


It’s exciting to learn that all these natural alternatives to make cruelty-free leather are now available and many companies are now beginning to use them.

The most frequent concern I hear about PVC and PU is plastic and the effects on the environment, but if you stop and think about it, the production of natural leather made of animal skin is much more damaging to the environment, and to people (the workers) as well.

Although plastic is being used, opting for vegan leather is still a more ethical choice, for people and animals.

Why is it dangerous for the workers?

In order to make natural leather, you have to make skin durable. Skin is an organ that will decompose like all organs naturally do after a living being is killed. In order to stop the skin’s decomposition the animal skin is doused in a series of highly toxic liquids. Workers expose themselves to the poisonous fumes of these liquids which may cause health problems. Much of that toxicity is also spilled in the environment.


Why is it cruel?

Contrary to popular belief, natural leather is not a by-product from the meat industry. Animals are brutally killed for leather, and as you will see in an upcoming article I’m preparing, the leather industry isn’t any less cruel than the fur industry. The journey from the cow (or any other animal) to a leather clothing item is in fact heartbreaking.


The biggest pro is that everything is cruelty-free! Like I mentioned before, Jules Kae is PETA certified. If you want to shop cruelty-free products and you’re not sure which company tests on animals and/or uses ingredients that either come from animals or are tested on them, the PETA list is accurate and it is frequently updated. When in doubt, check their list. That’s what I do.


I couldn’t find any cons, except for the prices for jackets and coats, but I don’t consider that a big negative, since good quality jackets and coats usually have a higher price. In the end, you’re paying for quality and endurance, My vegan bag is around 5 years old and it is still in great condition, even if it’s from a different company.

Cheaper items tend not to last that long and having to replace them constantly can easily accumulate into a big expense as well.

Customers also seem very happy with their products, many are raving over their handbags.

Faux is Fair – Final Thoughts

Jules Kae Kylie Coats
Jules Kae Kylie Coats

Faux leather is a more ethical option if you still want to use a crocodile skin belt for example without having the crocodile killed for it. Vegan ostrich leather or any other type is available in handbags and accessories; and ostriches, cows, crocodiles, and other animals that are frequently targeted for their skin can now – with the rise of more vegan leather products – breathe a little more at ease.

On top of that, Jules Kae offers unique and beautiful designs, which are feminine and practical.

==> Click here to see Jules Kae’s amazing handbags and accessories <==


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28 thoughts on “Vegan Shoulder Bags for Women – Jules Kae”

  1. Great article Christine. I always associated being a Vegan was more about everything to do with food rather than something you carry or wear!
    I have been steering away from leather for a long time now and have always looked at alternatives, Vegan alternatives will be somewhat welcomed!
    I love Jules Kae’s face masks, they are so cool great idea on having them attached to a chain, so as they hang neatly, instead of stuffing them in your pocket.
    I also got carried away on other links you offer within your article and how famous people were also Vegan back in the day. So being a Vegan is not really that new!
    Good to have come across your article it goes to show how we are starting to change our views and ethics concerning this subject.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Julia,

      True, being vegan is more than just a diet, for many of us it’s a lifestyle.
      Jules Kae has some beautiful products and I also love the face mask holders. It makes it so much more practical.
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Wow, what a great review Christine! I have always wanted a vegan purse but did not know what company to trust. This makes my life a lot easier lol- thank you!
    It is a shame what current fashion trends have come to when I think about what brands are at the top. They sell items that are overpriced and all at the cost of severe harm to non-suspecting animals! No, thanks! I don’t want me no Luis Vuitton accessories 🙁
    I am wondering if you know how Jules Kae package their items? I am trying my best to opt for sustainable choices wherever I can. Anyway, great review-thank you once gain!

    • Hi Sasha,

      I’m not sure about the packaging they use, but I can check for you.
      Jules Kae is definitely a better and more ethical option than most overpriced big brands. And well worth it!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Hi Christine, amazing article! I enjoyed reading and discovering some things I didn’t know that thrilled me. I am very happy that there is a kind of textile industry that is cruelty-free and PETA-approved. I really like fur coats but I never wore them because I feel sorry for the poor animals. It is creepy to see a fox or a rabbit hanging around my neck. I just think about what the poor animals went through… I like the design of Jules Kae. It is simple, feminine, sophisticated and very original. Vegan materials are perfect! They are very beautiful to the eye and undoubtedly of very high quality. I’m a fan of bags especially shapes like the Jules Kae Chloe Bucket Bag. I want to have it! Also, the masks are very cute and original with that chain. Finally something we can breathe with. As for the price, they are quite ok for the quality offered. In addition, it is always better to buy one expensive thing that will last than a lot of cheap ones that will quickly tear and get damaged. I just browsed her site and there are wonderful things. I will definitely order something!
    Thank you for recommending only the best.
    Keep going,

    • Hi Danijela,

      The materials Jules Kae uses are indeed beautiful, and designs are simple, yet sophisticated. I also love the face masks and there are several bags I like. The Chloe Bucket bag is very nice 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Ah, you wrote that paragraph about plastics for me 🙂 thanks.
    I am still not convinced. As you know I am absolutely, totally against plastic. Especially PVC. (Don’t worry, I am also absolutely, totally against animal cruelty).

    I wonder which toxic substances you refer to they use for the preparation of leather? I thought it was mainly urine, or is that for wool only?

    Anyway, I can’t see why a bag can’t be of some fabric. Why such a lot of products that are vegan have to look like animal products, is beyond me. Vegan hamburger. Vegan leather. What would be wrong with creating a whole new line of words that includes sustainability, caring for the earth, etc. Wouldn’t that be a nice creative challenge? 🙂

    • Hi Hannie,

      I think that things like vegan leather, vegan burgers, etc, were created to make the transition into veganism easier for some people who refuse to give up on those items. Although I do love earting a vegan burger from time to time I derive as much pleasure from a portobello burger too. Everyone is different. Those vegan meat replacements were created, though, I suppose to make it easier to go vegan. As for leather, before I went vegan and vegan leather was even a thing, I just refused to buy any leather, for its cruelty. I do love the look of vegan leather and I am tempted to buy a Jules Kae belt.

      If only urine were used, then I wouldn’t complain about its toxicity 😉 but unfortunately, the toxins used to make leather of animal skin are many and they’re bad. To list a few: biocides, surfactants, swell regulating agents, sodium sulphide, sodium hydrosulphide, toxic slushes of chromium salts and tanning liquor, sulphuric acid, and more … The workers stand with their naked feet and legs in these toxins while they submerge the hides in the varous vats.
      Solid and liquid waste is dumped in the environment, in places like China, India, and Bangladesh where most leather is made and environmental regulations are lax. Even in modernized facilities, it is impossible to avoid waste. The constant exposure of the tanners to those toxins results in severe health problems such as asthma, dermatitis, hepatic and neurological disorders, and other diseases.
      The animal cruelty to make leather is barbaric and severe. It is shown in the documentary “Earthlings“, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Just a warning, “Earthlings” shows graphic footage, but it is eye-opening.

      Some vegan companies are reducing their use of plastics, but this is still an ongoing journey. I am also against the use of plastics and I try to avoid them when I can, but I will always opt to buy from a cruelty-free company.

  5. Christine,

    These items are awesome! I love the faux leather alternatives! I’ll have to shop from Jules the next time I’m looking at a new handbag. I haven’t bought one in a while and now that I’ve seen what’s happened to the animals, I won’t be buying leather, ever. I was never a huge fan anyways, but now I just know too much. It’s just so sad.

    The masks she makes are perfect too. I actually really like the idea of the chain so you can keep it around your neck and it won’t get lost. Perfect!

    Thanks for sharing these products! Love them!


  6. Hi,

    Great review of vegan clothing and accessories.

    It’s good to see that people are now able to purchase cruelty free clothing too.

    I particularly like the skyla bag, This is something my partner would love.

    There’s also lots of other great ideas here.

    Let’s hope more designers take on board changing the way things are made, so everything can be made that is not harmful to animals or the earth.


  7. Absolutely wonderful article Christine, I like the fact that these bags are 100% cruelty free and are made of good, lasting quality. Reading this article also made me realise that being vegan isn’t only about what goes into your body but also things you use, like bags, belts and others. Using faux products for such things is way better than actually killing certain animals just to make bags and belts. This could make some of these extinct which isn’t a good thing. I also agree with the fact that plastic has a bad effect on the environment and also on the workers who deal with the products so it’s a little dicey here. Thanks Christine. Keep up the good work, cheers.

    • Hi Femi,

      Yes, being vegan is not only a diet, for many it’s a lifestyle, which means excluding animal products from food, clothing, cosmetics, detergents, and keeping our impact as minimal as we can.
      Thank you for your comment!

  8. I don’t mind paying a high price for jackets and coats. I am fond of them and I have a collection that’s constantly growing. When I was a kid I dreamed of having many coats in my closet. And now that I have grown, I feel as if this dream has come true. Thank you for coming.

  9. Wow, the Jules Kae vegan shoulder bags that you feature are absolutely stunning! They look like seriously luxe accessories that any fashionista would wear with pride. The prices are also reasonable which makes buying a handbag or shoulder bag from Jules Kae an obvious win. Perfect for any time of year!

  10. These are adorable. I wonder how long they will last? I’ve had vegan bags before and they tend to fall apart and are damaged easily. I was looking for information on what they are made of and if the quality is something that will last. They look perfect and is the style i’ve been looking for.

    • Hi there,

      It depends on the material that is used. Nowadays there are more and more alternatives. For example, vegan leather made of the Mexican nopal cactus is very strong. And Jules Kae accessories are of excellent quality and long-lasting.

      In my article real leather vs vegan leather I shared more info on different types of materials for vegan leather.

       I hope that helps.

  11. I really love these vegan shoulder bags for women. I love the look and that they are animal cruelty-free! I have vegan shoes as well, and people keep telling me how good they look, and they are surprised when I say that they are vegan! Does this brand also sell sports bags? Thank you for this blog post!

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Yes, vegan fashion products are of excellent and durable quality. I don’t know why people are so surprised about it 😉 

      I haven’t seen any sports bags on the Jules Kae website but you never know, they might come one day. 

      Thanks for your comment!

  12. Hi Christine,
    I always associated the word “vegan” with food , so this article really enlightened me.

    The Jules Kae designs are simple and cute. It is good to know that they are PETA approved which means that people have a choice. Jules Kae also have those chic facemasks in colors that can easily complement any outfit. The Skyla bag design bag is my fav for its uniqueness.

    Thanks for this really informative article.


  13. Hi Christine
    I am not vegan but your article reminded me why I need to be mindful when buying bags, so thank you. I do like artificial materials, but recycled material seems to be the best option. Eco friendly bags made from textiles and cork which is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Thank you for bringing the awareness.

  14. Great article! Yes, I was one of those fools thinking they made leather handbags, etc. from already dead animals. You have made me a believer in vegan products. I’m curious, though. Do the handles of purses and bags hold up without any show of wear from holding them? I always thought vegan bags would not be as durable as leather.

    I am definitely for cruelty-free products. In fact, I only buy any cosmetics that are cruelty-free.

    Thanks for sharing this information. I plan on checking out her line and perhaps buying something.


    • Hi Nina,

      Yes, the handles of purses and bags hold up very well. These plant-based materials are durable. I bought a vegan leather bag about 8 years ago and only in the last months did it begin to show some wear (that bag is from another brand, but I think that in general this applies for most items that we buy).
      I hope this helps.
      Jules Kae has beautiful products.
      Thanks for your comment!
      And it’s wonderful that you also buy cruelty-free cosmetics!

  15. Hi Christine
    I’ve always related vegan to food, never clothing or accessories. I found your explanation informative and it makes sense that being vegan is much more.

    I do love the bags. Great post.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Yes, the vegan lifestyle includes all products, not just food, but also clothing, accessories, household items, cosmetics, you name it.
      Some people follow a plant-based diet but others embrace a fully vegan lifestyle.
      Thanks for your comment!


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