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What’s the Best Food Processor? (A Product Review)

For any cuisine, but especially the vegan cuisine, the food processor is essential. I’ve had a small one, which was good enough, but since it only had a two cup capacity, I couldn’t use it for big meals. So, I started looking for larger food processors, with more capacity and of better quality; and Hamilton Beach is a brand I trust.

The Hamilton Beach food processor comes with many perks. It is exactly what I need to make more delicious recipes that I would love to share on my blog.

Chop Chop

Cashew nuts are one of the main ingredients for homemade vegan cheese. The easiest way to chop them up is in a food processor. There are other ways to prepare vegan cheese, you can use potatoes, and other types of nuts, but I personally prefer the ones made with cashews, and I really love the homemade vegan cheeses that are based on a combination of cashew nuts and russet potatoes.

In my next post I will definitely discuss vegan cheeses, share a recipe, and make some fondue. Yummy, I’m looking forward to that 🙂


Today, I’d like to review the Hamilton Beach food processor for you. I own several kitchen gadgets from Hamilton Beach, and I love them. They last a long time and they do not break. At least, they didn’t break in my kitchen. Just do not slam the thing on the counter or don’t do any other damaging action, and then say “hey, Christine said that this wasn’t supposed to break.” Be always gentle, right? 😉

So, things to cut up in your food processor are: nuts, fruits, bread (for crumbs), crackers, veggies (great to chop onions, no more tears). You can grate, mince, chop, puree, and mix your food. For me, it has been an excellent tool to make vegan pie bases and crusts that are based on nuts.


Hamilton Beach Food Processor – Pros and Cons


  • Price: you get great value for a good price
  • Versatile
  • It has a bowl scraper. That means that you don’t have to stop every now and then to scrape down the sides 🙂 It’s done while you chop.
  • Capacity: 10 cups
  • Large feed chute ==> less prep time
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It includes a slice/shred disc and an S-blade for mixing, chopping, and pureeing


  • I don’t see any cons. The Hamilton Beach food processor has received many great reviews on Amazon, and it is also considered easy to clean. Nonetheless, some users claim that it is not that easy to clean. This food processor is pretty compact, so I think it all depends on how you clean or what your expectations are.

Do I Recommend it?

As a regular user of food processors, my answer is yes, I wholeheartedly recommend the Hamilton Beach food processor. It is compact, so that makes it easy to store in your kitchen cupboard. The price is great. A bowl of 10 cups capacity is perfect for me, and I love the fact that it has a bowl scraper and a feed chute. I never liked stopping the processor halfway, take the lid off, then scrape down the sides off manually, put the lid back on, make sure it clicks, and then start processing again. With the built in bowl scraper I can forget about that hassle 🙂

The best price is on Amazon and delivery is free (check conditions on the product page). And it would be a good idea to get it before I write my next post about vegan fondues. So, then you’ll have a food processor ready to use for my recipe 🙂 😉 There you go, that’s a good incentive 😉


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  1. I’m trying to remember what brand mine is at home, I thought it was a Hamilton Beech too but the base looks a little different. I absolutely love my food processor and wish someone had given me one when I first moved out! I want to make sure that my daughter has a food processor and a crockpot when she moves out next year. I have never tried vegan cheese based on nuts so I look forward to to your next article.

    • The food processor and crockpot will come in very handy when your daughter moves out. Crockpots are so easy to use and make great meals.

  2. Thanks for reviewing Hamilton Beach food processor. If you trust them, then I trust you. It looks like a great machine for less than $50. And I bet it’ll pay off itself many times in the future. Thanks again.

  3. Hi, Christine,
    I am happy I found this post. This is what I am looking for now. I use Hamilton Beach coffee maker, for the preparation of my coffee and I was looking for a food processor from the same brand. And love it. Can you give me more advice to help me make the right choice? A Hamilton Beach food processor for 4 people.
    Thank you!

  4. I love Hamilton Beach products! My HB stand mixer is the workhorse of my kitchen and I don’t know what I’d do without it. I have a different brand of food processor and it’s too bulky and clunky for my small kitchen. If it ever conks out, I’ll definitely consider getting a Hamilton Beach replacement. Great review!

  5. Hi Christine, I was surprised that this Processor has a 10 cup capacity.  That is pretty big, that’s awesome

    I also like that It has a bowl scraper..  I have never seen one of those, seems it would save a lot of time

    Can I put Potatoes in this Hamilton Beach Food Processor?

    • Hi Phil,

      Yes, you can put potatoes in it. That will work too. I also like the bowl scraper, it really saves a lot of time.

      Thanks for visiting again!

  6. I just read through an excellent review for another kitchen appliance on your website and this one on what the best food processor is caught my eye so I decided to have a look. I am glad I did, as I was going to make a purchase of a blender and a food processor today.

    The last article convinced me about which blender to buy, and this one on the Hamilton Beach Food Processor has convinced me to go with this brand as I make these purchases. I like the looks of it, the features are more than adequate for my family’s needs, and the price is also reasonable. Thanks once again, I love the content you have on your website!

    • Hi Dave,

      I’m so glad I helped you with your purchases today 🙂  This food processor has a great capacity for families. 

      Happy blending and processing! 🙂

  7. Hello Christine,

    Thanks for providing a good review of Hamilton Beach food processor.

    I don’t have any food processor in my kitchen yet. I am searching for some good and useful food processor. I found Hamilton is the best one for my kitchen in a good price range, after reading your review on Hamilton food processor.

    Thank you


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