What’s Up With the Vegan Police?

Well, I got to say it. No one likes them, not even vegans do. The vegan police with the holier-than-thou attitude are damaging the animal liberation cause and they are turning people away from veganism. I have left several vegan groups on Facebook, because I was attacked there for ridiculous reasons.

Why write about this now?

Because it is sad that a movement that is based on compassion is tarnished by aggressive individuals who do their best to give us all a bad name. Vegans have been called “political”, “militant”, “holier than thou”, “extremists” and what-have-you because of those vociferous individuals and/or groups. (on Quora I even saw someone compare vegans to ISIS … uh… ok…?)


Let’s Get This Straight

Every group has members that risk making the rest look bad by their behavior. These individuals do not define the whole group, yet to the public this is exactly the tag they give us: loud, annoying people raising their finger sanctimoniously and scolding you for not following their lifestyle, for even failing to understand their philosophy.


People are quick to point the finger at vegans when some of us stand out for being annoying know-it-alls. Why? Two reasons.

Nr. 1: those infuriating vegan police members are a pain in the behind, and I do not blame anyone for running away from them. Seriously, they even attack vegans for some shortcomings they believe we have. It is unbelievably annoying. Trust me, I get it.

Nr. 2: I think that deep down, veganism reminds a non-vegan of what their money is still paying for. People in general are good and choose not to harm others. No one would willingly kill or harm an animal. A non-vegan lifestyle, however, does pay money to harm other living beings, and no one likes to be reminded of that.

Yes, But Come On

The “vegan police” is extremely irritating, even to us vegans. I cannot stand them. There, I said it. They damage our cause, and they only drive people away from us and what we stand for. If you choose to be a vegan for the animals, you choose not to pay for any cruelty and abuse anymore. The hardest thing for vegans is to watch our friends, family, and colleagues pay for the abuse we have sworn of. And so, yes, we would want nothing more than for everybody else to be vegan too. I admit that 🙂

You see, the hardest thing about being a vegan is not that we’re “missing out” on something, because we’re not.  What is hard on us is watching our friends, colleagues, and family happily indulge in their meals, because we do not see a meal … We do not see a chicken leg on their plate, we see a chopped off body part of a living being that didn’t want to die. There are vegans who point the finger and yell “murderer”, something with which I absolutely do not agree. It would be disastrous to call our friends, family, or colleagues out on it. What do we gain by that? Absolutely nothing. We’d only drive them away and gain more bad press for our movement.

How in the world would anyone like us or support veganism if there are vegans accusing others and yelling at people? Vegans often forget that they used to be non-vegans too, and that everyone makes his or her own journey at their own pace.

How would anyone approach a vegan and ask for help or recipes if the vegan they speak to tells them off and shakes his or her finger at them? That does not work for any movement.

I’ll offer my help when people ask for it. Many have approached me and asked for recipes. Or they have told me that they wanted to become vegan but didn’t know how or they worried about their protein intake. I’ve had mothers approach me to ask me what they could cook for their children who had decided to be a vegan. And I have my website here 😉 which I hope is helpful too.

No Finger Wagging, Don’t Worry

No, definitely not. I have learned a lot on my vegan journey, and if there’s one thing I know it is that anger and accusations do not gain followers, but drive people away.

I am always happy to help. And yes, we vegans are guilty of talking to others about veganism, but when our food is so delicious, how can we shut up? 😉

This is the thing, the food is so yummy, so incredibly good, we just have to share. When I make my raw banana chocolate pie, my almond energy balls, my homemade vegan Twix bars (oh my God, I love them!) my sausages, my lasagna, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas, stir fries, and so much more, I cannot shut up about it. I simply love good food, and sharing this food is like a gift to the world.

A gift to your taste buds, to your health, and a gift to animals.


And if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask me. I am always happy to help. Vegan police is not here. No sanctimonious frowning or accusations, no Sir, (or Madame), we do not want that here. Trust me, it is no secret that most vegans do not like them either 😉

Anything you need to know, any recipes you’d like me to share, any info you need, please feel free to contact me. That is what I am here for. You’re always welcome to hop on this vegan journey and try and taste here and there, leave a comment or suggestion, and enjoy our food.

Who doesn’t love good food? That’s what we’re here for on this site, right?


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4 thoughts on “What’s Up With the Vegan Police?”

  1. I am not vegan, although I totally understand why people are. And you’re right, it is sad…even I have witnessed what you are talking about. The badmouthing and bullying of vegans, simply for being vegan. Cheers to you for standing up for what you believe in! Best of luck to you!

  2. I admit to fall in that category sometimes. I explained so much times the same stuff to the same people that I involuntarily become a little patronizing. Thanks for your take of this argument. It’s very supportive for our community goals.

    • Hi Kent, I do understand. I am a high school teacher and explaining the same stuff over and over again gets to me after a while 😉 I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. It’s all a learning process, isn’t it? 🙂
      Thank you for visiting my page.


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